AdGate Media
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AdGate Media Description

AdGate Media is a monetization and user acquisition platform that is focused on rewarded advertising. They connect premium brands with users of popular apps. Publishers can use their offer wall rewarded ad unit to monetize their app, game, or website. They source demand from premium brands around the world for your users.

AdGate Media Features and Capabilities

AdGate Media offers flexibility and performance via its suite of features:

  • Integrations: Offers a light SDK that you can integrate via Web View or API.
  • Multi-Platform support: Offers agnostic monetization solutions that can be used on desktop, iOS, and more.
  • Transparency: Offers comprehensible reports that help understand what you are promoting and how much you are earning.
  • Worldwide demand: With 2000 active campaigns live, they assure high eCPMS and their data-driven algorithms select the best-performing campaigns.

AdGate Media Payment Info

AdGate Media pays its publishers their commissions earned monthly, provided that their account balance is greater than USD 25.

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AdGate Media Key Facts

AdGate media helps publishers monetize their apps, game, or websites using offer wall rewarded ad units.

AdGate Media Publisher Eligibility

AdGate Media does not have any traffic requirements per se that the publishers have to fulfill to join. All publishers can submit their applications on the website, and they will get back to you about it. 

AdGate Media Ad Formats

AdGate Media offers various rewarded ads integration options like:

  • Web offer wall
  • Offer wall SDK
  • API integration