Best Offerwall Ad Networks for Publishers

According to DeltaDNA, offerwalls are the 5th most popular ad format. They are used by 15% of game publishers. A study by Udonis observed that out of all the genres, simulation games have the highest offerwall engagement rates – 10%. Offerwall advertising networks provide publishers with a unique opportunity to monetize their traffic through performance-based affiliate marketing. By presenting users with a variety of offers—such as app installations, surveys, and sign-ups—offerwalls incentivize user engagement and drive higher conversion rates.

If you’ve been contemplating offerwall ad networks as a publisher, here’s everything you need to know. In this post, we will tell you what an offerwall ad network is, the benefits of offerwall ad networks, and give you a list of the best offerwall ad networks for publishers. 

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What Is An Offerwall Ad Network?

Offerwall ads are a popular web monetization tool created by CPA affiliate networks and are widely used across gaming apps. As the name suggests, users are presented with an offerwall ad when they have won an in-game reward. Simply put, they must watch an offerwall ad in exchange for a reward. However, the rewards a user earns can vary from time to time. It could be watching multiple ads at one go, filling out online surveys, creating a new count on the app, or making an in-app purchase. Offerwall ads aren't limited to gaming apps alone; they also work for websites that offer rewards like free in-game purchases.

An offerwall ad network works by tracking a user's demographics and accordingly displays a list of the best-performing offers. Most CPA ad networks use SDK, JavaScript API tool, and iFrame to install offerwalls seamlessly across apps, games, and websites. They are highly customizable, which means a publisher can change the appearance and restrictions to boost CR up to 100%. Thus, offerwall ads are great for any task-driven or community site and gaming apps.

The Benefits of Offerwall ad networks For Publishers 

Now that you know what an offerwall ad network is and how it works, let's quickly look at its first-hand benefits for publishers.

  • Boosting Revenue: Offerwall ad networks bring more offers to users with exciting incentives to view ads. In turn, it leads to high engagement, earning more revenue for a publisher. Also, offerwall ad networks can automatically select the best-performing offers to boost conversion rates, which is always a bonus for publishers to increase their earnings via a high CVR. 
  • Build audience loyalty- The best offerwall ad networks have a wide range of content to offer and exciting incentives for enhanced user retention and brand loyalty. 
  • Flexible Payment Models: When it comes to payments, no two publishers think alike. Top offerwall networks work with multiple payment models, like CPA (Cost Per Action), Revenue Share Model, and CPI (Cost per install), thereby checking the box for flexibility. 
  • Breeze-fast integration—Whether on a mobile app or a website, offerwall ad offers are more like a lock-and-load thing. They don't require too much technical knowledge and can be easily integrated, which means publishers can start revenue generation faster. 
  • Freedom from manual labor-An offerwall ad network mitigates publishers' manual labor as it works purely on demographics. So, as a publisher, you won't have to go through relentless selection and publishing of relevant offers. Offerwall ad networks also help monitor new offers and remove expired offers, which is always time-consuming unless there's a PTC script. 

In short, offerwall ad networks are a must-pick for publishers when they want to: 

  • Increase the number of in-app purchases
  • Boost eCPM and user engagement
  • Monetize all non-paying users
  • Encourage user retention
  • Amplify ARPDAU from high-quality users 
  • Draw high-quality users and increase the ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User)

How to Choose the Best Offerwall Ad Networks?

Choosing the best offerwall ad network for your needs can be daunting, as there are many different networks. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating offerwall ad networks. In a saturated market, the best way to choose a well-suited offerwall advertising network is to, keep these things in mind:

  • The offerwall ad network must have ads in the same niche as your content.
  • They must provide you access to relevant data.
  • They must have a vast pool of advertisers with a reasonable budget. 
  • The ads should be user-friendly and disappear if the user takes no action after a specific time. 
  • The offerwall ad network should have a good reputation of paying its publishers on time.

Here’s a list of best offerwall ad networks list for publishers in 2024. 

AdGate Media is an offer wall app monetization and user acquisition platform that helps you boost your revenue through incentivized apps. Their business model focuses on rewarded advertising to connect premium global brands with users of popular apps. Publishers can use their offer wall rewarded ad unit to monetize their app, game, or website. 

Adscend Media’s rewards-based ad solutions let users earn rewards from their favorite apps, games, and websites by completing quick actions, like downloading apps or watching videos. Their streamlined SDK, iFrame, and API facilitate quick integration of their rewarding solutions within your website, app, or game. Adscend simplifies profit tracking through user-friendly account management tools, ensuring a hassle-free payment process.

Yeahmobi is an intelligent marketing service provider driven by big data and AI, committed to helping companies expand the global market.

AdKaora is a leading mobile-first advertising platform in Italy, offering innovative location-based and contextual targeting solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge ad formats and AI-powered optimization, AdKaora helps brands effectively reach and engage with over 30 million Italian mobile users.

***Image Source: PubScale

What Are The Factors Influencing CPM Rates For Offerwall Ad Networks?

The CPM Rates for offerwall ad networks vary from one provider to another. Typically, the rates range anywhere between 1 to $10 or even more per 1,000 ad impressions. At the outset, it’s based on several factors including: 

  • Offerwall Ad Providers:They are two kinds of offerwall ad networks; one that prefers working on a single niche and another that doesn't have any restriction, and hence wider advertising options.
  • Types of offerwall ads: A direct factor that impacts CPM rates, there are different types of offerwall ads, like filling out surveys, app installations, video views, account sign-ups, and more. Some options pay a higher CPM rate than others.
  • User Engagement Rate : Here, the math is simple! Higher the user engagement, higher is the CPM rate. The key is to promote relevant offers that seamlessly appeal to the audience.
  • User Demographics: CPM rates are also impacted by key demographics of  users including age, location, interests, and purchasing power. Normally, advertisers would be happy to pay more for the demographic-driven offers.
  • Audience location: The geographic location of your target audience has an essential role to play in determining CPM rates. For example, users belonging to stronger economies with a high advertising demand leads to better CPM rates.
  • High quality website or app: App or website quality directly impacts CPM rate. It's no brainer that a well designed app with an intuitive interface grabs more eyeballs, and accounts for better user interaction with offerwall ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While top offerwall networks are generally preferred for gaming websites and apps, there are no restrictions for other niches. All you need is a decent number of users increasingly looking for virtual rewards and benefits.

Yes! It's only common for publishers to use offerwalls with other advertising formats, like native or banner ads. This can help diversify their monetization goals and cater to multiple user preferences.

Offerwall advertising networks are generally safe for most publishers to work with. But, always ensure they are coming from a reliable ad network. Sign up with PublisherGrowth to find trustworthy and best offerwall ad networks.