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Advertising Disclosure

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  • Adblock Recovery: The best adblock income recovery method for publishers is called Adblock Recovery. With the ideal anti-adblock combination: simultaneous allow-listing + ad-reinsertion, adblock detection, income recovery, anti-adblock settings, and dialed-in analytics are all available. Delivering a dashboard with comprehensive Adblock Analytics that displays income losses, block rates, and much more. Launching and installing are both painless.
  • Digital subscriptions and paywalls: It is renowned for offering the best value in subscription management. Paywalls, paid subscription management, and contribution sites increase reader revenue. Users may configure visitor offerings using a variety of intuitive tools that they offer.
  • Privacy & Consent: Admiral Consent Management Platform (CMP), one of the first IAB Compliant CMPs with an IP geolocation detection, handles privacy & consent settings in conformity with GDPR, CCPA, and other laws.
  • Social Subscriptions: They assist in increasing website traffic by increasing followers on various social media platforms. Additionally, it aids in boosting visitor touchpoints and social media followers. As the brand's footprint grows, it also encourages reader followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.
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Admiral Products

Admiral offers the following products:

  • Adblock recovery,
  • Paywall and digital subscriptions, 
  • Privacy and consent, 
  • Regwalls and email acquisition, and
  • Social subscriptions.

Admiral Features and Capabilities

  • Adblock recovery: Offers an optimal anti-Adblock combo with simultaneous allow listing and ad reinsertion, advanced analytics, and one tag install.
  • Paywalls and digital subscriptions: Helps grow reader revenue with intuitive tools to configure visitor offers and an easy subscriber account creation that helps build direct revenue.
  • Privacy and Consent: Ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • Regwalls and Email Acquisition: Helps grow first party data and authentically users via email signups and registration walls.
  • Social Subscriptions: Helps grow followers across various social media platforms to drive more site traffic.  

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Admiral Key Facts

Admiral is a visitor relationship management platform that helps publishers grow relationships and revenue. Admiral helps you execute each of the relationship and revenue goals and unlocks multiplier effects across the entire visitor relationship and the revenue yield curve.

Admiral Pricing

Publishers can get Admiral's All-In-One solution starting at $120 per month. The Adblock detection, measurement, and revenue recovery plan is 100% performance priced. The paid subscriptions, paywalls, and donations plan is also 100% performance priced. The regwalls and email acquisition plan starts at $40 per month. The social growth plan and the GDPR and CCPA consent management platform starts at $40 per month.

Admiral FAQ

Install the Admiral tag and size your revenue potential> After some data, start growing relationships and revenue based on performance > Optimize with the help of their team to leverage all that VRM has to offer.

Admiral helps execute each of the relationship and revenue goals and unlocks multiples effect across the full visitor relationship and revenue yield curve.

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