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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Helping publishers monetize their Adblock inventory, Adrecover is an excellent tool. Adblockers are used by most tier 1 traffic, and one can have as many as 20-30% of your visitors using it if the majority of your traffic source is from EU countries. For huge publishers, even 10% of the page views garner a huge chunk of money, more so when the audience is a premium category. 

In comparison to the normal audience, adblocked audience is more sensitive to advertisements. The monetization solutions offered by AdRecover never compromise on the user experience and creates a win-win situation for visitors and publishers. You can measure the key user experience parameters using AdRecover.

AdRecover Features and Capabilities

  • Pro-user technology: Following very high user experience standards, AdRecover makes sure that the ads are visitor-friendly and in no way obtrusive. They constantly check on the ad media and have a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Fast Integration: Add a single-line asynchronous tag in the global head tag of the website and start within five minutes. AdRecover helps you measure and monetize ad impressions that get lost to adblocking.
  • Compliance and Approval: As the code goes live on the publisher’s website, AdRecover’s compliance team will review the website for possible conflicts. They pass the feedback to the operations team and set up ad units to make the website go live.
  • A/B Testing: Their ad layouts are not hard-coded, so they help publishers easily A/B test ad layouts and ad unit setup on webpages. The testing is done across devices. Using this function, publishers can create a perfect amalgamation of UX and ad monetization for every adblock user.
  • Adding Demand: AdRecover helps publishers with different approved demand partners for further optimization. In a very short period, publishers can have various ad networks compete for their adblocked inventory. 
  • User Experience: AdRecover gathers some primary User Experience metrics like Time-spent on the page, Pageviews-per-session, and Bounce rate. These are helpful to publishers to confidently measure if the ad layouts are compromising with their audiences' UX or not. This data help publishers justify the need to monetize their adblocked inventory.

AdRecover Payment Info

If the amount accrued for the applicable month is less than USD 5 or the equivalent amount in the currency of the Publisher’s country, payment will be deferred until the month in which the cumulative balance owed to the Publisher exceeds USD 5 or the equivalent amount in the currency of the Publisher’s Country. They pay publisher sites within 30 days after the end of each month.

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AdRecover Publisher Eligibility

To get accepted to use AdRecover, your website's daily adblocked pageviews should be greater than 10,000.

AdRecover FAQ

CPMs depend upon a lot of variables (like country, channel, seasonality etc). However, AdRecover’s CPMs are as competitive as the average ad network since you'll be giving advertisers access to truly premium inventory i.e. adblock users. ($0.50 CPM in US).

No, your normal ads will work as they were before.

No, they use an asynchronous JavaScript code that does not affect the load time of the website (the average latency is less than 200ms due to cloud-based servers spread across the globe).

You can signup and start measuring your website’s adblocked traffic within 5 minutes. To start showing ads, we’ll need to first approve your website with their advertising partners, which usually takes between 4 to 24 hours (it actually takes a week, set the expectation straight right at the start).

To maximize the user experience of your website visitors and discourage opt-outs, they only allow static/text ads to be served (no Rich Media/Animation).

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