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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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The market leader in adblock revenue recovery is Blockthrough. They provide users with a better ad experience while recouping the cash lost to ad blocking. Blockthrough aids in recouping the money that users who block ads lose. It is simple to integrate and is made to operate with your current programmed and direct demand systems without any issues.

The world's largest publisher solutions provider, the BlockThrough Group, in partnership with Dennis,cheddar,complex,freestar, published the Report on worldwide ad blocking and unblocking rates by country and nation. They have explored how users might actually react to an adblock wall. They have built a technology that allows you to monetize ad-blocking users. Our solution is based on the same principles as traditional ad blockers: it's blocking ads from websites and applications. The difference is that they are using their own technology to deliver relevant, non-intrusive advertising to ad-blocking users. In other words, they are not serving ads via trackers or scripts, which makes them relevant and eliminates any concerns about privacy.

Blockthrough Features and Capabilities

  • No need for a new ad server: The Blockthrough plug-in sits on top of your current ad server. To get things going, a single line of JavaScript is introduced. They can use the adblock detection and ad recovery technologies because of this. Additionally, you don't need to update your ads.txt file or change your nameservers!
  • No need for a new ad tag: It relies on programmatic and direct sales for income. It is universal and works with every header bidding wrapper. Almost all SSPs and ad servers, including AdX and GAM, are also compatible with it. UX is not negatively impacted, and there is no setup fee. This makes it possible for users who aren't familiar with programmatic advertising but still want access to the same inventory as those who are!
  • No need for a new network partner: Since they are using their own protocol instead of relying on one specific vendor's proprietary technology (like most networks do), there's no risk of suddenly becoming unavailable due to some technical issue at our end which could impact other publishers around us if they're running campaigns through them too--and vice versa!
  • Deliver Better Ad Experiences: Only opted-in users are presented advertising, and all users have the option to stop receiving ads at any time. All advertisements adhere to the Better Ads and Acceptable Ads guidelines.
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Blockthrough Key Facts

Blockthrough is an award-winning ad-filtering technology that helps the world’s leading media brands restore a healthier relationship with the 250 million users who filter their online advertising experience. It helps you measure the AdBlock rate across your sites, seamlessly restore your ad stack, delight users with a light ad experience and drive incremental revenue growth.

Blockthrough FAQ

Blockthrough sits within the Fuse tag and only fires when a participating ad-blocking software is operational. Blockthrough mirrors your header bidding and Google Ad Manager setup for users that would typically not see any ads.

No, Blockthrough does not provide any demand. The ad networks in use are the same networks being used for regular (non-ad block) users.

Blockthrough sends a one-month performance report that will show you the value of the product.

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