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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Known to be the best ad block revenue tool, Adtoniq enables privacy-first audience monetization and helps publishers reach and monetize users that have opted-out using the ad block technology. Not only does it help you monetize ad block users, it also helps you monetize "reject all" users. 

An excellent permission-based ad and analytics platform, Adtoniq aims to get fresh high performance inventory for their media partners to results in new and significant revenue. Publishers can benefit from the unique opportunity to create new inventory and revenue. Adtoniq has an excellent AB revenue tool that accurately measures lost revenue owing to ad block accurately. 

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Brand Safe
Excellent Client Service

Adtoniq Products

Adtoniq has an AB Revenue tool that makes usenof advanced an proprietary measurement techniques to be able to correctly detect when the user enables ad blocker. It shows the revenue that is being lost to ad blockers accurately. 

Adtoniq Features and Capabilities

  • Shows all the ad blocks on desktop, mobile and network and works across all af blockers
  • Offers strong bot traffic filtering
  • Can be installed in just a few minutes
  • Uses only upto 1k of browser memory and loads asynchronously
  • Serves to ad block audience with prior permission.

Adtoniq Payment Info

Publishers get paid only once the reach the minimum payment threshold of USD 100. Once the account earns a minimum of USD 100, you get paid on the last day of the following month. The payment methods available are ACH, check, PayPal and Wire Transfer. 

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Adtoniq Key Facts

  • A permission-based ad and analytics platform, Adtoniq helps publishers create new revenue streams and enable third-party services that are unreachable because of ad blocking
  • The biggest plus with them is that it serves to ad block audiences who have given prior permission and it results in better engagement and more conversions
  • Adtoniq helps publishers monetize readers in a way that is respectful and allows users to revoke their permission at any time. 

Adtoniq Publisher Eligibility

Adtoniq works with long term publishers who wish to increase their revenue. It is currently only available for WordPress websites, with the Java version coming soon. 

Adtoniq Pricing

Adtoniq is free when you use it for the first month. Post the free first month, the pricing is based on your usage, and not a package price. During the first month, Adtoniq will share what you would have paid on your use each week, to give you an idea of the pricing before renewal. The free features with not require any charges and for the premium features, you will get a clear estimate. 

Adtoniq FAQ

Adtoniq reports the data only when users opt in. If the user has actively blocked tracking on your site, you can engage with them with custom messaging and protecting content until they opt in.

With Adtoniq, you can actively manage the ad blocking audience via an easy-to-implement plugin with all the needed tools to capture ad revenue that is lost to ad blockers. With the unique detection technology and custom analytics segmentation, you get a better picture of the audience.

Anyone who managed a WordPress with sf revenue and/or is reliant on data analytics, can use Adtoniq for higher revenue. It is a useful tools for all publishers as it helps you realize the size of audience that blocks add and helps you engage with the blocked visitors.

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