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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ADOP, an Ad-tech company, specializes in offering ad monetization services tailored for publishers across web and app platforms. With a focus on maximizing revenue potential, ADOP provides publishers with advanced tools and technologies to effectively monetize their digital assets.With a focus on maximizing revenue streams, they provide publishers with the necessary technology and support to optimize ad placements and yield management strategies.

Their expertise lies in leveraging data-driven insights and advanced algorithms to deliver targeted ad experiences to users while ensuring optimal monetization outcomes for publishers. ADOP's platform is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, catering to publishers of all sizes and niches. By prioritizing publisher needs and leveraging innovative ad-tech solutions, ADOP establishes itself as a trusted partner in the digital advertising ecosystem.

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ADOP Inc Products

  • Web publishers: ADOP Inc offers support for both network and advertiser direct inventory, catering to various advertising needs. Their product range includes Video Ads, Display Banners, and Native Ads, ensuring a versatile solution for publishers operating on the web.
  • Apps: ADOP Inc offers advertising monetization services for app developers through their reliable SDKs for Android and iOS. These SDKs are crafted with patented technologies, ensuring effective and efficient monetization solutions for app developers.

ADOP Inc Features and Capabilities

  • Improved eCPM & higher AD revenue: ADOP Inc offers auto-mediation functionality and consultancy services for ad composition to boost ad revenue across web and app platforms. Leveraging patented technologies, ADOP maximizes ad revenue by achieving higher eCPM rates for publishers.
  • Programmatic deal: ADOP Inc. offers programmatic deals for web, providing campaign PR and performance marketing through audience packaging. As a DSP and SSP, ADOP facilitates fast and easy purchase of premium inventories like DV360 and Google Ad Manager, enabling efficient deal management.
  • Better User Experience: ADOP Inc enhances user experience by offering various ad formats, including video and display ads. These formats are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a more engaging and interactive experience for the users.
  • Providing Customized App User Data: ADOP Inc. provides in-app user data to publishers in their preferred format, facilitating targeted app marketing efforts. This data enables publishers to tailor their strategies effectively and enhance user engagement within their apps.
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ADOP Inc Ad Formats

  • Display Ads: Supports diverse devices with exposure to various ad formats like images, banners, and rich media for enhanced user engagement.
  • Video Ads: Presented in in-read/hybrid formats to preserve UX/UI integrity. Hybrid form ensures high viewability and potentially higher unit prices.


The platform provides a variety of ad formats including display ads, native ads, video ads, and more, tailored to suit your website and audience.

While they don't have strict traffic requirements, we do prioritize quality content and may review your website to ensure it meets our standards.

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