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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Contextual ad network, Adsolut Media, has agreements with some of the biggest ad exchanges in the market. The primary objective of the company is the continuous dynamic development of its programmatic solutions, to ensure that the relationships between advertisers and publishers are mutually fruitful and profitable. Its efficient tracking tool and machine learning algorithms ensure accuracy to assist in obtaining the greatest CPM rates.

Adsolut Media's analytics dashboard features an in-depth analysis of your campaign's performance and success, by breaking down your revenue via eCPM, app, country, and other factors. You can export weekly, monthly, or daily reports to monitor your progress over time.

Adsolut Media Products

Some of the products that Adsolut offers are:

  • Header Bidding: Helps get the most out of each impression with seamless integration.
  • In-app Video Monetisation: Monetizes your Interstitial / Rewarded / Instream supply through their large pool of dedicated in-app advertisers.
  • Audio Programmatic Ads: Helps tap into the top music streaming, digital radio and podcast apps.

Adsolut Media Software Images

Adsolut Media Features and Capabilities

  • Unified Ad-tech Solutions: They are entirely customizable and accessible across screens through a variety of house-built formats to connect buyers and suppliers.
  • Global Partnerships: Partners with the biggest DSPs, trading desks, exchanges, and advertisers to support publishers internationally.
  • Privacy-Compliant: They prioritize security to maintain a safe buying and selling ad space, by adhering to all applicable industry norms.
  • AI Technology: Through the use of AI-driven technology, Adsolut employs tested methods to optimize each request to benefit both its buyers and publishers.
  • Pay Per Service: Receive access to its special inventory and just pay for what you desire using PMPs and PG on various screens.
  • Smart Technology: To boost your businesses across Live TV, CTV, and Roku.
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Adsolut Media Key Facts

  • Established in 2016, Adsolut Media is India’s fastest growing AdTech platform working with small to large scale publishers.
  • The fully transparent platform and mutual-interest business approach enables publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value on their terms.
  • Publishers get quick access to top-tier global demand sources, to get the value they seek, while buyers get the desired users they're looking for.

Adsolut Media Geos Served

Adsolut offers mass reach across the best publishers in the works including India, MENA, U.S. and Canada, and UK.

Adsolut Media Ad Formats

Some of the ads that Adsolut supports are:

  • Connected TV/OTT: Reaches a highly engaged audience who have moved away from traditional cable television.
  • Outstream Video: Their outstream video player enhances engagement and is completely customizable to cater to individual business needs.
  • Display Ads: Ensures a 100% fill rate, this is essentially a blanket term for image/video ads of all shapes and sizes.
  • Audio Ads: Targets music streaming, digital radio, and podcast apps

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