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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Adswizz offers a diverse technology stack that comprises dynamic ad insertion, yield optimization, campaign management, and a programmatic selling platform, which allows publishers to maximize the genuine listening experience. They power some of the most popular music platforms, podcasts, and broadcasting groups throughout the globe.AdsWizz creates and provides platforms that bring together audio publishers to the advertising community. 
AdsWizz headquarters are situated in San Mateo, California with representative offices across the world, as well as a development center in Europe.

Adswizz Features and Capabilities

  • The Ad Insertion Suite facilitates in-stream insertion for all audio types, on every protocol, and on every player.
  • AdsWizz SDK grants mobile, client-side monetization with the additional capability of cutting-edge audio ad formats.
  • The future buys could be managed with advanced forecasting algorithms that elicit audio-specific metrics to prepare you for every scenario.
  • Offers new-era privacy for the clients of publishers.
  • It enables the publishers to automate the direct sales of the audio and podcast inventory by the programmatic ecosystem with minimum costs and effective monetization of inventory.
  • The publishers could rivet the audiences with attractive ad formats, including Dynamic Creatives, motion-activated ads like ShakeMe™, Second Screen Retargeting, and many more.
  • Grows the portfolio in a manner that raises fill rates and increases revenue, for every audio opportunity.
  • Essential features like brand control enable the publishers to prohibit certain advertiser categories and domains, and frequency capping ensures the audience is not bombarded with same ads from the same advertisers multiple times. 
  • The AdsWizz Second Screen feature allows us to consistently retarget listeners of an audio campaign even on other apps and websites.
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Adswizz Ad Formats

AdSwizz works with only audio ads and provides solutions to the digital radio and audio industries. It has a motion-activated ad format called Shakeme that allows listeners to shake their phones to pursue the call to action that was requested in the ad. 

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