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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Triton Digital is a leading global technology and services provider in the digital audio and podcast industry. It is a scalable and strong CMS platform that supports large networks with an extended range of users and shows. Operating in more than 80 countries, Triton offers intricate technology that empowers podcasters, broadcasters, and online music services to grow their audience, generate revenue, and efficiently design their day-to-day operations. 

In TritonDigital, the podcasting, streaming, advertising, audience measurement & audience engagement tools work harmoniously under one roof. The matchless ad tech built meets the requirements of enterprise-level podcasters, including the precision, flexibility, and reliability necessary to support the monetization strategy. It is compatible with the publisher’s current platform, or the publisher can utilize Triton Digital’s integration with Omny Studio for a complete podcast solution.

Triton Digital Features and Capabilities

  • Meticulously stitch on-air broadcasts with chapter and ad markers to make a publishable and monetizable podcast.
  • Creates transcripts for the clips and recordings swiftly and precisely, in 28+ languages.
  • The built-in ad campaign manager Omny Studio geographically focuses on advertising or promotional campaigns through dynamic ad insertion technology.
  • Consistently syndicate the audio to every listener, on every device, and on every app.
  • Intricate heuristics and algorithms clear incorrect downloads from bots and malformed apps to provide authentic analytics. 
  • Provides the essential tools for safe and secure distribution.
  • The streaming technology promises flexible, easy to scale and use, and is totally owned and operated
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Triton Digital Ad Formats

The Triton Audio Marketplace enables publishers to transact across all forms of audio inventory.

Triton Digital FAQ

No, the marketplace is where the open transaction of digital audio inventory takes place. Triton has a dedicated audio SSP.

There is an inventory of more than 180 publishers across the globe within the marketplace.

Buying through the exchange facilitates rapid and precise transactions, mitigating waste and resulting in the greatest efficiency for advertisers. With Triton's marketplace, you have access to live and on-demand audio streaming providers such as Prisa, Talpa/OMS, MLB, ESPN, Cumulus, and more.

Triton Digital is a leading ad tech provider to the digital audio marketplace. Their technologies enable live and on-demand publishers to grow their audience and revenue globally. Triton brought the first-ever programmatic audio marketplace to market. In the case of the audio marketplace, Triton acts as an SSP providing a host of premium inventories to programmatic buyers, agencies, and brands.

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