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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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AdTonos is a tactical audio advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. Radio stations, podcasters, or music streaming services find the use of an effective tool profitable as it assists them in increasing their revenues through online advertising. As it turns out, brands could have 15 million unique online audio listeners worldwide in close digital proximity. The publishers can get real-time ad replacement for mid-rolls and pre-rolls insertion, even with an ad server, which is integrated with DSPs that permits them to make deals on private and open or even go for direct sales. They can trade broadcasted on-air commercial breaks into a selected set of ads online for an approving listening experience for users.

AdTonos makes integration of radio stations in a matter of minutes with innovative technology, while charging maintenance fees and no installation fees. With the Drumbeat technology implementation, it creates value for the network of publishers, streaming service providers, and advertisers.

AdTonos Features and Capabilities

  • Provides advertising campaigns to the publishers directly from the advertisers or DSP platforms for monetizing the radio stream. 
  • Makes sure integration is swift and easy.
  • Provides self-promo ads for the station’s broadcast.
  • A referral program is an option for inviting preferred advertisers directly through the platform.
  • Real-time campaign statistics are exhibited and displayed on the publisher dashboard, so one can track the playout numbers, campaign status, and income 24/7.
  • Ad campaign reports can be downloaded as CSV files along with all the station’s playouts.
  • Ascertains the billing is easy and transparent.
  • As publishers from all around the world integrate themselves with this platform, it supplies audio inventory across the globe.
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