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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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This excellent plugin, Advanced Ads, makes it simple to manage your ads, display them where they belong, and target the correct audience. Using the pro add-ons will increase your revenue if you already generate a respectable income from your blog. With their WordPress advertising plugin, you can publish an ad in less than a minute, just like a blog post. The only the information required to create an advertisement is requested by pre-defined ad kinds. Banners are automatically placed so you don't need to edit the theme's code or edit any existing posts to see them. You can provide reporting to your clients through email or a shareable link, or you can use the reporting feature in the WordPress ad plugin backend. Ads are added to already-written posts and pages through content placements, which you can customize with many different criteria.

Advanced Ads Features and Capabilities

  • Unending Ads: Unlimited control and display of adverts, rotations, and placements.
  • Various sorts of ads: Use static pictures, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even shortcodes, along with any ad network.
  • Effective aiming: To deliver the best-performing call-to-actions on your website, target particular user groups, and pages.
  • Ad schedule: Plan the start and end times and dates for your advertising campaigns.
  • For quick websites: Your website will remain quick thanks to compatibility with any caching solution and optional lazy loading.
  • Real-time Statistics: In your WordPress dashboard, you may view impressions and clicks or combine them with your Google Analytics stats.
  • Publishable reports: Directly send reports to your clients through email or a link, and get a summary delivered to your own inbox.
  • Integration of GAM and AdSense: Ad units from Google Ad Manager and AdSense can be imported without copying and pasting any code.

Advanced Ads Payment Info

Publishers can get Advanced Ads with all access to unlimited sites for Euros 499 per year. For all access to 5 sites, publishers have to pay 129 Euros per year. For all access to just one site, publishers have to pay Euros 89 every year, and for Advanced Ads pro, publishers have to pay Euros 49 every year.

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Advanced Ads Key Facts

Advanced Ads helps you manage and display an unlimited number of ads and placements and offer flexible ad types. Publishers can prepare their ad setups by setting a start or expiry date and time for their ads. Advanced Ads lets you create different ad setups for mobile and desktop to improve the performance of each version.


Advanced Ads Site Type Monetized

Various businesses use Advanced ads as their go-to solution to improve their workflow and increase revenue. Publishers and bloggers use it for better ad placements, target ads, and to run tests without hiring a developer. Local news sites use it to schedule and rotate ads from multiple clients and send out ad reports automatically. Affiliate sites use Advanced Ads to embed ads from different networks and partner sites and find the best-performing ones through tests. AdOpts use it to publish ad tags without waiting for the development departments and online stores can use it to promote products in the blog or cross-sell them. 

Advanced Ads Pricing

Advanced Ads offers the following plans:

  • The all-access plan for infinite sites will cost you Euros 499 per year and is ideal for publishing enterprises.
  • The all-access plan for 20 sites is for large publishing companies and agencies managing multiple sites and will cost you Euros 249 per year.
  • The all-access plan for five sites is ideal for seasoned publishers in charge of several projects and will cost you Euros 129 per year.
  • The all-access plan for one site is for professional publishers to increase revenue and save development time, and will cost you 89 Euros per year. 

Advanced Ads Ad Formats

Some of the ad formats that Advanced Ads offers are:

  • Responsive Ads: These ads are displayed based on the device and browser size.
  • Sticky Ads: These ads stick to your host app while you are scrolling content.
  • PopUp and Layer Ads: These ads can be put on other items.

Advanced Ads FAQ

Yes, they give refunds within 30 days of the initial purchase.

Advanced ads offer a long list of features. Their All Access pass is the best deal. You can test it during the 30-day refund period.

Yes, no problem. You can always upgrade from a single add-on or license to All Access or a larger number of sites and will only pay the difference.

No. You can activate the license on your test site and your live site at the same time.

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