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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ADxAD operates as a prominent service in the digital advertising industry, offering a comprehensive traffic marketplace combined with advanced optimization tools. The platform is designed to connect advertisers with the right audience at the right moment, ensuring significant reach and engagement. It excels in monetizing premium traffic across mobile and desktop devices. 
As a dynamically evolving Ad Network, ADxAD caters to both publishers and advertisers by facilitating the buying and selling of traffic for formats like banners, popunders, and native ads. The network specializes in various areas including Dating ad networks, Mainstream ad networks, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and digital marketing. ADxAD also supports extensive customization options such as whitelists and blacklists for multiple verticals and ad formats, including push notifications.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Referral Program
Excellent Client Service

ADxAD Products

  • High-Quality Inventory: ADxAD offers a range of high-performance ad formats including banners, popunders, native ads, interstitials, push notifications, and mobile app inventory. Specializes in verticals such as betting, gambling, games, dating, and nutraceuticals.
  • Self-Service Platform: Users can manage their ad campaigns and monetization efforts independently through a user-friendly self-service interface.
  • CPM Model: The platform operates on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) pricing model, ensuring transparent and measurable advertising costs.
  • Traffic Buyout: ADxAD provides 100% buyout of website traffic, ensuring maximum monetization opportunities for publishers.
  • Monetization System: ADxAD offers a straightforward system to increase profits through optimized ad placements and competitive revenue opportunities.
  • Safety and Moderation: ADxAD guarantees ad safety through rigorous technical and manual moderation processes to prevent the display of illegal or inappropriate content.
  • Unified Dashboard: ADxAD enables publishers to manage and optimize all ad formats from a single dashboard, enhancing control and efficiency.
  • Weekly Payouts and Support: ADxAD ensures publishers receive weekly payouts and offers round-the-clock support with dedicated personal account managers for assistance.

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ADxAD Features and Capabilities

  • Diverse Traffic Specialization: They specialize in diverse traffic verticals such as Gambling, Dating, Nutra, Betting, Crypto, and Finance.
  • Personalized Service: Their network managers provide personalized assistance to maximize traffic monetization under favorable terms.
  • High Unique Traffic: Approximately 80% of their traffic is unique, ensuring a targeted and engaged audience for advertisers.
  • In-House Anti-Fraud Solution: They employ an in-house anti-fraud solution to maintain campaign integrity and effectiveness by actively combating fraudulent activities.
  • Wide Advertising Format Selection: They offer a wide range of advertising formats including push notifications, popunders, and banners, catering to various campaign needs and preferences.

ADxAD Payment Info

To withdraw funds from your balance with ADxAD, you need to contact your personal manager to initiate payouts if the minimum withdrawal amount has been met but not automatically processed. By default, payouts are scheduled weekly. ADxAD supports payment systems including Wire, Paypal, and Paxum, with varying minimum withdrawal thresholds: $20 for Paxum, $50 for Paypal, and $1000 for Wire transfers, depending on your chosen method.

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ADxAD Geos Served

Serves globally.

ADxAD Publisher Eligibility

ADxAD‘s publisher eligibility criteria requires publishers to have a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors or 300,000 monthly pageviews. This threshold ensures sufficient data for the optimization process to begin effectively and provides a strong foundation for scaling website revenue, benefiting both parties.

ADxAD Revenue Share

ADxAD's revenue share can range between 70-85%, depending on traffic volumes and services provided. Typically, ad monetization services retain 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. Despite this, publishers often see at least a 30% increase in revenue, and if this target isn't met, negotiations may be considered.

ADxAD Ad Formats

ADxAD offers a diverse range of ad formats for efficient monetization. These include:

  • Display Banner Ads: Access various high-impact ad sizes with technology enabling auto-refresh based on viewable impressions, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  • Tablinks: Direct links strategically placed in website navigation areas, enhancing conversions and SEO optimization for the promoted site.
  • Member Area Dating Clicks: Clicks originating from various dating site sections within member areas, known for their high conversion rates despite higher costs.
  • Pop-unders (POPS): These CPM-based ads appear beneath the main browser window and are displayed when the browser is minimized or closed. Popular among affiliates due to competitive payouts.


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