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Advertising Disclosure

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Aniview is a multinational media and adtech firm whose platform is becoming more and more crucial in distributing effective and efficient video advertising throughout the open web. End-to-end solutions offered by the company work on PC, mobile, in-app, linked TV, and over-the-top platforms and are very adaptable and transparent. Over 200,000 publishers worldwide receive perfect video delivery thanks to Aniview's patented video player software, high-performance ad server, and video marketplace, which also powers many of the biggest digital publishing organizations on the planet.

Utilizing patented technology, Aniview offers a comprehensive ecosystem for managing videos and video advertisements with native display and multi-screen support. Their product suite includes the Video Ad Server, Video CMS, Video Player, Ad Marketplace, CTV/Dynamic Ad Insertion (SSAI), and Mobile SDK, catering to various video use cases.  Aniview’s high-quality video ad inventory connects publishers with a wide network of advertisers, along with an easy onboarding and integration process for hassle-free monetization.Their dedicated support team is available to assist with any technical or operational issues so that publishers achieve sustainable growth and maximize their video ad revenue potential. 

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Aniview Products

Aniview offers the following products:

Video Ad Server: Aniview's ad server leverages real-time bidding and advanced algorithms to optimize ad placements, ensuring effective targeting and maximizing ad revenue.
Video Player: Aniview's video player is effortlessly enabled by a simple JS tag, offering support for VAST, VPAID, IMA, and oRTB. Its lightweight and flexible HTML5 design ensures the publishers a seamless integration and optimal performance across various platforms and devices.
Video CMS: An all-in-one content management system for every device and screen. Easily organize and distribute video content according to the publisher’s business requirements. Efficiently manage metadata for each piece of video content, ensuring optimal organization and accessibility.
Marketplace: Aniview's Marketplace connects publishers with thousands of advertisers, ensuring impressive fill rates through their AI algorithms. Integration is simple, requiring only a single JS tag for seamless connection.
CTV/OTT Solutions: Aniview's CTV/OTT solutions offer server-side ad insertion for CTVs, ad podding with audience targeting, and inventory split. They provide 24/7 global tech support for seamless integration and operational assistance.
Mobile SDK: Aniview's Mobile SDK supports multiple streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG DASH, enabling programmatic ad buying to boost CPMs and revenue. Easily integrate the Aniview player into native apps in less than 10 minutes.

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Aniview Features and Capabilities

Take Advantage of the Demand: Enjoy global reach and fill the abundant demand for outstream, instream, and in-banner ads. In their video ad exchanges system, publishers are easy to find.

Control Ad Displays: Use advanced controls to set standards for your inventory. Filter ad types, block sensitive content, and display only highly relevant ads to your audience.

Boost Fill Rates: Generate impressive fill rates with the Marketplace’s optimization algorithm and yield management engines. You may sell less profitable inventory because the Marketplace always has interested buyers.

Set minimum CPMs for your inventory units: You’re free to define your pricing models, set up rules, and set goals for your campaigns.

Better Targeting: Create an attractive publisher profile with your audience and inventory details, so you’ll be found by the right demand partners. And through product attribute search, your entire inventory will be seen by advertisers.

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Aniview Key Facts

  • With top-notch features and an API-led architecture for effortless integration, Aniview's versatile platform seamlessly integrates with any existing tech stack.
  • Aniview ensures transparency through detailed day-to-day granular reporting, offering publishers full visibility into their revenue channels for clear operational insights.
  • Aniview provides comprehensive product onboarding, training, and 24/7 global support. Their expert assistance is readily available to ensure smooth operations for the publishers.

Aniview Geos Served

Serves globally.

Aniview Ad Formats

Aniview offers the following ad format:

Video Ads: Ad format that includes in-stream ads, which play before, during, or after video content; out-stream ads, appearing outside of video content; and interactive ads, allowing viewer engagement. Each format offers unique opportunities for the publishers to connect with audiences.

Aniview FAQ

Aniview offers video monetization solutions, including a Video Ad Server, CMS, Marketplace, CTV/OTT solutions, and Mobile SDK.

Aniview provides complete product onboarding, training, and 24/7 global support to ensure smooth operations.

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