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Advertising Disclosure

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Anyclip is an AI-powered video management platform that converts traditional video into intelligent content that is fully enabled—searchable, measurable, personalized, merchandised and interactive. Publishers can utilize the platform's data enhancement and machine learning models to enrich their content by turning traditional video into data-optimized, smart video.

Anyclip analyzes every video frame-by-frame by brand, object, people, spoken word, text, content category, etc, allowing users to centralize all their video content in one place, to automatically manage, organize, host, and distribute ad experiences to the fullest. With features like contextual targeting, automated content creation, real-time analytics and multi-language support, the platform ensures publishers can maximize the value of their video content while providing a superior user experience.

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Anyclip Features and Capabilities

  • Instant Video Chapters: Anyclip's Instant Video Chapters intuitively carve out segments on varied topics during the uploading of a video, to enhance content curation and elevate the experience for both creators and audiences.
  • Auto Video Descriptions: Their AI delves deep into the heart of your video, crafting summaries that capture and convey the essence of your narrative, to enhance content clarity and audience engagement.
  • AI Video Highlights: This feature distills your content by zooming in on the moments that matter and highlight your video’s finest points.
  • In-Video Search: AnyClip’s technology allows an entire search of your library with a simple keyword search to help you discover quickly.
  • AI Topic Clusters: Intelligent bubbles that rise to the top of your video library, bringing a variety of themes to your fingertips. Each cluster is an invitation to explore a portal to content that resonates.
  • Custom Facial Recognition: With ethical and compliant recognition technology, the tool brings the spotlight to every public face, to keep your viewers engaged and enhance ad revenue.
  • Video Chat AI: Engage in a dialogue that bridges the gap between question and content.
  • Interactive Touch Points: Prompts your audience at the peak of their interest, turning curiosity into conversion with smart, clickable links that drive performance.
  • Ever-present Video Player: Offers a viewing experience that’s both fluid and unyielding, the feature allows your content to float as your audience scrolls, to remain constantly visible.
  • Web Context Recognition: Captivate your audience with perfectly paired content.
  • Interactive Story Players: This feature transforms articles into interactive journeys, converting passive readers into active participants
  • Realtime Closed Captions: Unlock the potential of your live content with Realtime Closed Captions. Every word spoken is instantly a word read, in 14 languages, inviting a global audience to the conversation.
  • Post-Live Content Activation: The feature lets you distribute your live moments across channels after the end of the event.
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