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Bitmedia Description

Bitmedia is a specialist in the Bitcoin ad marketplace and matches advertisers with publishers to help get your crypto advertisements seen by those who are likely to have an interest in your products and services. Bitmedia ad network is a transparent and secure way to monetize web traffic. They always find the right ad content for you to publish and guarantee instant payouts, whilst their industry-leading toolkit aids quick and tailored setup and onboarding process. Being a publisher advertising network, they always deliver advertising material that is worth your website and helps you grow in both earnings and traffic.

Bitmedia Features and Capabilities

Bitmedia Payment Info

Publishers can be paid via two options: for each valid click (in CPC advertising) or for each valid 1,000 impressions (in CPM advertising). The minimum amount for withdrawal is $20. 

Clicks revenue is added to your main balance seven days after it enters your pending account. They keep your funds on the pending balance for seven days because they have to analyze the quality of bitcoin ads traffic and clicks first. Once your profit is transferred to the main account, you are free to withdraw it at any moment. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC.

Bitmedia Key Facts

Bitmedia provides a transparent and safe way to monetize web traffic. It finds the right ad content to publish and guarantees quick payouts. Their toolkit helps with quick and tailored setup and onboarding processes. It offers various revenue models like CPC and CPM and allows you to also set the floor CPM. 

Bitmedia Publisher Eligibility

Bitmedia has the following criteria that it relies on when approving websites and checking their quality:

Bitmedia Ad Formats

Bitmedia Faq

Bitmedia provides detailed statistics as to how each of your adposition is performing. By checking the statistics, you have the option to see the number of impressions and profits on a daily basis.

Your profit depends on a bid the client chooses for his targeting setups and for the ad itself. Bitmedia also charges its commission, calculated for each separate click. Commonly it constitutes 10-20%; however, in some cases, it may reach up to 30% or 0%, depending on the account level, website credibility, and many other factors.

Websites related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, auto redirects, and other trash are banned immediately.

Publishers need to first submit the approval for one website, and if it is approved, they become a publisher with Bitmedia. Post this; they can send approval for as many websites as they wish from the same account. 

Bitmedia generally processes requests in 1-2 business days.

If publishers have a good website that is not related to Bitcoin, such a case would be considered individually, and the website will be approved if the website has a good, lively audience and the topic suits them.