The Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers

Are you interested in monetizing your crypto-related content? For publishers like you, crypto ad networks can offer an opportunity to monetize online properties such as websites, blogs, social media channels, or apps. You can monetize them by displaying relevant cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ads. However, you must carefully review the terms and conditions of the crypto ad networks you partner with and ensure that they comply with the policies and guidelines set by the ad networks and relevant laws/regulations in their jurisdiction. To ensure a mutually beneficial partnership, you should also consider the crypto ad networks' reputation, reliability, and payment history. If you are an eco-friendly publisher, looking at which companies are being advertised on your content and their sustainability rating might be relevant, but that can be a bit of a hassle. Regardless, crypto ad networks provide publishers, like you, with a way to monetize your website, which talks about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Benefits of Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers

Crypto ad networks can offer several benefits to publishers like you who want to monetize your online properties, particularly in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some of the key benefits of crypto ad networks for publishers include the following:

  • Monetization Opportunities: Crypto ad networks provide you with an additional revenue stream by offering the opportunity to earn money from displaying relevant ads related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on your online properties. 
  • Targeted Ads: You can display more relevant ads to their audience, potentially leading to higher click-through rates (CTR) and better engagement, which can result in higher earnings.
  • Flexibility and Control: With crypto ad networks, you will have flexibility and control over the ad placements on their online properties when working with crypto ad networks. You can choose the types of ads you want to display, the ad formats, the ad placements, and the frequency of ads, allowing you to optimize your ad strategy based on their audience and content.
  • Diversification of Revenue: Partnering with crypto ad networks can help you diversify your revenue sources. By monetizing your online properties with crypto ads, you can reduce your dependence on a single revenue stream, such as display ads or affiliate marketing, and potentially increase your overall earnings.

Partnering with a crypto ad network can provide monetization opportunities, targeting options, flexibility, control, revenue diversification, reporting and analytics, support, and access to advertisers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. This can benefit you if you want to generate revenue from your online properties. 

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

iZooto assists crypto websites to monetize their online assets by displaying blockchain technology related ads on their platform via targetted push notifications.

A-Ads is a crypto and bitcoin advertising network that offers ethical privacy-aware CPA, CPD, and CPM ads and accepts over 20 major cryptocurrencies. It provides worldwide access with ease and regulates the content it supports. User privacy si highly valued as is transparency. 

Cointraffic is a leading crypto and bitcoin advertising network that helps publishers drive highly targeted cryptocurrency audiences through multiple ad formats. 

Bitmedia is a crypto ad network supporting high-performing ad formats to help publishers and advertisers reach crypto savvy visitors.

Coinzilla is a finance and crypto ad network that helps you earn more from your website. Their tools and solutions have been designed to help boost your earnings while also maintaining a non-intrusive user experience. is a crypto advertising network that helps publishers monetize their platforms. It helps you easily create and place ad codes to monetise your website traffic. Its system ensures maximum revenue by rendering ads from the highest bidders on your website. is an ad management and crypto ad network that helps publishers monetize their ads through relevant, quality ads. helps publishers elevate their website’s ad revenue and grow their audience while monetizing their ads. Coin.Network provides contextual advertising placements designed to be non-intrusive to users and relevant to their surrounding content. 

As publishers need to choose the right solutions for their businesses, AdTech vendors equally need to connect with publishers whose content and traffic matches their solutions. Publisher Growth is a platform that connects publishers and AdTech solution providers.



Adshares ecosystem helps AdTech adapt to the blockchain with minimum effort. Over $500B advertising market waiting to be transformed.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers?

The market has quite a few crypto ad networks. To find the one best suited to your content, check the following: 

  • Ad Inventory and Demand: Consider the ad inventory and demand of the crypto ad network. Look for networks with a wide range of relevant cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ads and sufficient demand from advertisers. A larger ad inventory and higher demand can result in better fill rates and potentially higher earnings. 
  • Monetization Models and Payment Terms: Review the monetization models and payment terms the crypto ad network offers. Understand the revenue share or fee structure, payment frequency, and payment methods available. Consider which payment terms align with your monetization goals and preferences.
  • Ad Formats and Customization: Consider the crypto ad network's ad formats and customization options. Look for networks that provide a variety of ad formats, such as banners, native ads, sponsored content, or video ads, and customization options that allow you to match the ads with the look and feel of your online properties.
  • Compliance and Policies: Review the compliance requirements and policies of the crypto ad network. Ensure that the ad network adheres to relevant laws and regulations in the cryptocurrency and advertising industry and that its policies align with your content guidelines and principles.
  • User Experience and Ad Quality: Consider the overall user experience and ad quality provided by the crypto ad network. Look for networks that prioritize user experience and display high-quality ads that are relevant, engaging, and non-intrusive to ensure a positive experience for your audience.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best crypto ad network that aligns with your goals, audience, and online properties as a publisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto ad networks for publishers typically work by providing publishers like you with ad codes or tags that you can place on your websites or other online properties. These ad codes display ads related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to your audience. When visitors to your website click on or interact with these ads, you earn revenue based on the ad network's monetization model, such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (CPM).

When choosing a crypto ad network for your publishing needs, consider factors such as the reputation and trustworthiness of the ad network, ad inventory and demand, monetisation models and payment terms, targeting options, ad formats and customization options, reporting and analytics, support and assistance, compliance and policies, technical integration options, and user experience and ad quality.