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Coinzilla Description

Coinzilla helps publishers earn more from their websites by delivering finance and crypto ads. Their tools and solutions have been designed to help boost your earnings while also maintaining a non-intrusive user experience. Through their platform, you can easily display a variety of ad formats on your website, like native ads, banner ads, and more. Their ad delivery system helps you optimize your website’s monetization and increase your income with little to no effort.

Coinzilla Features and Capabilities

Coinzilla Payment Info

Coinzilla offers two payment models where you can choose to get paid automatically, either every week or every month. Publishers can withdraw their funds with no costs via BTC, ETH, USDT, or Bank Wire. The minimum amount you can withdraw is €50.

Coinzilla Publisher Eligibility

For your website to be approved, publishers have to meet the following criteria:

Coinzilla Ad Formats

Coinzilla offers the following ad formats:

Coinzilla Faq

No. Users should interact with an ad only if they are interested in it. Asking your users to click on ads will result in advertisers paying for low-quality traffic and will get you banned from the network.

Publishers work on a CPM payment model for both banner and native ads.

Being a finance and crypto advertising network, Coinzilla is only accepting cryptocurrency-related websites and projects to join its network.

There is no limit on the number of websites you can deliver ads on.