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There has always been a demand for content in the market but with reluctant payment. There are platforms that have helped the content to sell but at a very low price. With time and the world changing at a drastic speed, this is changing too. The pandemic has made consumer demand personalized content and There are few platforms to provide them with it. The on-demand by consumers has driven the content world to reconsider their revenue models which were mostly user-led. 

Conscent learns the demand every consumer puts forth and delivers accordingly. It gives access to the content platforms to learn, understand, engage and provide for the consumer on all the networks may it be Web or mobile. Conscent, by doing so, helps the content-leading teams to make decisions that couldn't have been made without understanding the consumer demand and rising, helping the team to win the market. Features and Capabilities

ConsCent has adopted some new capabilities to make itself unique and on demand for the consumer. It tries to meet the wildest needs of the user and bring the easiest for the content creators as well as content consumers. Key Facts

ConsCent prides itself on its personalized delivery for each of its partners. It's not just the chance that Conscent has worked on to provide its partners with but they provide several tools with the target to achieve maximum revenue. Universal login system, ConsCent's API, pay per use and universal wallet system are a few of the key factors that ConsCent wins over their partners. Faq Products

ConsCent offers three solutions:

Understand: Helps analyze user behavior and create segments

Engage: Helps personalize content recommendations and boost conversions

Transact: Offers paywall solutions for all kinds of content platforms.