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ConsCent is a "to-consumer" platform that offers "pay-per-use", giving publishers full control of their content and the flexibility to decide who sees it. ConsCent partners with hundreds of third-party platforms along with a comprehensive range of tools to help you achieve impressive results, build long-term relationships, and maximise revenue.

Conscent learns the demand every consumer puts forth and delivers accordingly, helping content-leading teams make decisions that couldn't have been made without understanding consumer demand. Their centralized dashboard keeps track of everything in one place, from real-time active users to transactions to help you streamline your worlflow.

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ConsCent offers three solutions:

  • Understand: To help analyze user behavior and create segments, ConsCent offers a suite of analytics tools, including cohort analysis, conversion funnels, profile data, and monitoring of inactive users. You can utilize their real-time audience segmentation solution to categorize visitors and boost revenue effectively.
  • Engage: ConsCent's targeted advertising and content recommendation features, based on cohort analysis, are tailor-made to help you establish user segments, craft user journeys, and track outcomes.
  • Transact: Offers paywall solutions for all kinds of content platforms to reduce payment friction by streamlining payments with a simple one-click checkout in 99 different currencies. Software Images Features and Capabilities

ConsCent has adopted some new capabilities to make itself unique and on demand for the consumer.

  • Per-use-pay: It provides per-use-pay to consumers, personalizing the content as per consumer demand allowing more paying users every day. 
  • Frictionless Payment: With one click checkout in 99 different countries. 
  • Granular Targetting: Targets the microlayers and offers them subscriptions to get exclusive access. 
  • One-time Login: It offers a one-time login for several URLs, helping avoid many logins.
  • Customized Paywall: To make things familiar, ConsCent provides a customized Paywall, making the creators take things into their own hands. 
  • Secure Payments: ConsCent automated payment process transfers earnings directly to the creator's bank account. 
Have you used the software before? Key Facts

  • ConsCent prides itself on its personalized delivery through several tools to achieve maximum revenue.
  • It provides per-use-pay to consumers, personalizing the content as per consumer demand allowing more paying users every day. 
  • It gives you granular control over your content, along with the flexibility to decide who sees it.
  • It features a singular dashboard to keep track of everything from analytics to transactions and entices uses through the display of relevant, premium content. Alternatives