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Zlick Description

Zlick (www.zlick.it) is a Fintech start-up that enables publishers, classifieds, and video-on-demand companies to monetize their viewership – They have developed a seamless technology to make one-click payment for subscriptions and content purchases a reality! They are a fully funded start-up founded by Estonian, Swiss and German entrepreneurs. With already 100% market share in Estonia and after growing by more than 50% their topline every month, they are expanding all over Europe very fast. Zlick was part of the 2016 NexusLab accelerator cohort in Zürich and has presented itself at many trade events in Europe and Japan.

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Zlick Features and Capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your content with Zlick - the ultimate paywall and subscription plugin for WordPress. With our advanced features, you can easily monetize your content and grow your business. 

Zlick Key Facts

The plugin requires the use of Zlick Paywall SDK to load the payment widget on your page and lock content. It automatically adds Zlick Paywall javascript SDK to the page where content is locked. All user and subscription data is stored and is accessible in Zlick Paywall portal. Payments are handled through Stripe. Installing the plugin means you agree with our Terms and Conditions as well as Stripe’s terms of service.

It takes 10 minutes to integrate Zlick with your WordPress page. Here’s how you do it:

You can now hide any article behind a paywall from your WordPress admin panel. Zlick Paywall tickbox is at the bottom of your Edit post / Create a Post view. You can customize the widget to your brand colors from the Appearance menu later.  

Zlick Revenue Share

Zlick is a platform that values its customers, and it does not cost anything to them until the partner is earning through Zlick. Their starter plan is for free, which provides all the basic services to the partner without any payment. There is zero set-up cost, and if there is no payment for the partners, there is no upfront payment for Zlick either.

Zlick Faq

The free version has everything to sell subscriptions and single articles. We are charging a monthly fee for extra tools only.

Payouts will be automatically sent to your bank account on a daily basis. If you prefer another schedule for payouts, get in touch with us.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay via our payment partner Stripe. We also accept mobile payments in selected countries.

Yes, we support multiple languages. You can change the widget language in the "settings" area in the Zlick portal. If you don’t see your language, get in touch, and we will add it :)

No, all major search engines have access to your content, and your content can be indexed by them. You can disable this access manually if you wish.

If you are interested in promoting Zlick and earning a commission from this, please reach out to us and we will set you up.

By default, your website address will appear on the bank statement. If you need a custom message, get in touch with us.

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