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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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DiDNA offers automated tools, hands-on-management, and a product suite that is designed to empower publishers and maximize ad revenue. It was designed from the ground up to level the playing field and allow publishers to compete for the highest advertising revenue, force ad exchanges to be more competitive, and ultimately ensure all digital ad inventory is filled with the highest-paying ads.

DiDNA Features and Capabilities

  • Fastest time to revenue: Provides fast results and averages a 100-150% revenue increase, 98% viewability, 80-95% fill rates, and improved inventory value in as little as 90 days.
  • Simple setup: Allows you to use their product suite with just one tag.
  • 70+ premium demand partners: Helps make direct relationships with premium demand partners so you get the ad revenue you deserve.
  • Various ways to integrate: Helps connect through numerous industry-standard integrations like Prebid, GAM, or direct on a page – all optimized by the diDNA core technology.
  • Intelligence suite: Utilizes proprietary lazy loading, user engagement monitoring, and dynamic price floors to further optimize your ad inventory.
  • Leading video demand integrations: Helps simplify implementation with industry-standard integrations optimized with their technology while remaining player-agnostic and increasing fill rate and CPMs.
  • Proprietary rules engine: Machine Learning and AI Algorithms control floors, pricing strategies, and dynamic audience tagging in real time to improve the yield and revenue without intervention.
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