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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Epom is a program made to display adverts on various devices, including those computers, smartphones, and tablets. It offers data so that companies can assess how effectively their advertising efforts are doing and adjust as necessary to boost their performance. You can develop a successful digital marketing plan for every screen with Epom Ad Server. Whether you deal with publishers or advertisers, you can utilize our technology to improve performance, build specialized reports to enhance outcomes, and monitor each specific aspect at scale.

Powerful software called the Epom Ad Server enables companies to run advertisements across many screens, including tablets, phones, and PCs. By offering statistics, it also aids in gauging how effectively the advertisements are performing, allowing firms to adjust as necessary to increase performance. The platform's limitless scalability makes it perfect for companies of all sizes, especially those that are expanding quickly. You may learn more about how customers are interacting with your advertising thanks to the best-in-class analytics tool, which enables users to monitor ad effectiveness with tiered granular statistics and build custom reports.

Epom Products

Epom offers the following products:

Native ad server,

Mobile and in-app ad server,

Rich media ad server, 

Display ad server, 

Video ad server, 

White-label ad server, and 

White-label DSP.

Epom Features and Capabilities

  • An easy-to-use platform that allows you to create, manage, and optimize your online ads.
  • Unlimited scalability for businesses of any size or type.
  • Advanced analytics for multilevel granular analytics and custom reports.
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages.

Epom Payment Info

Epom pays publishers on a net 30-day model, and the minimum payout that publishers have to reach is USD 100. 

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Epom Key Facts

Epom makes ambitious advertising simple and combines flexibility and care to create a comfort zone for your ad business growth. Epom provides powerful ad management tools to run, track and optimize your ad activities with 99.9% uptime.

Epom Publisher Eligibility

Publishers must have a minimum of 400,000 to 500,000 monthly impressions and must have good, original content. 

Epom Ad Formats

Epom offers the following ad formats:

Display Ads: These are ads that include images, videos gifs and are shown on websites or apps.

Mobile Ads: These are ads of whatever format can be viewed on a mobile device. 

In-App Ads: These ads are embedded in an app and are shown before the user navigates to the relevant app store. 

Video Ads: These are ads in the form of videos and contain information about products or services. 

Epom FAQ

Epom offers support for various online ad types, from regular desktop ads to videos to highly customizable native ads. For each type, they have separate Placement and Banner types that allow various type-specific configuration options.

The Invocation Codes pane of the Placement page includes various codes which should be inserted into your website or application. Its key purpose is to request and serve ads and to transmit analytical information to the Epom Ad Server.

Epom offers three types of supply-side entities that represents different logical levels: 1. Site is the highest level and represents a given Site or Publisher. 2. Zone is the intermediary level and is a sub-division of the site. 3. Placements is the lowest level and is a single unit of ad.

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