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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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A smart Partner Marketing platform, Everflow is instrumental in bettering your performance results by scaling partnerships, affiliates and marketing channels. This platform can manage all your partnership relationships, track how you're performing in each of the marketing channels and analyze all the results to make solid decisions. 

This partner marketing platform can be used to hit all of your goals by spending less. You can use it to manage your relations, conduct solid tracking to align both marketing and partnerships and check the influence via retention. You can also automate insights into actions. 
Quick Facts
Dedicated Account Manager
Excellent Client Service

Everflow Products

  • Affiliate Partnerships: Helps manage, track, and simplify contracts and payments
  • Media Buying: Analyses the value of your traffic and helps optimize with trusted data
  • Strategic Partnerships: Helps onboard and get paid in pipeline stages and leverage the whole tech stack. 

Everflow Features and Capabilities

  • Allows you to track conversions and engagement, and then break down the data to optimize and accelerate revenue
  • Connecta you with new partners and shows what engages users to get more of that via automation
  • Connects to your full data stack, set up rule-based automations to make managing and scaling your partnership channel easy. 
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Everflow Key Facts

  • Founded in May 2016, Everflow gave a successful exit to one of the company's first mobile affiliate networks, Moolah Media.
  • They already had built tracking and partner management platforms and had a direct path to build a SaaS platform.
  • Everflow successfully bought a solution that had the aim of customer success via deep partnerships based on trust, awareness and referral

Everflow Pricing

Everflow brings you transparent pricing tiers that can be expanded as you grow your revenue:
  • The Core Plan gives you full platform access for USD 750 per month and allows you to track everything, connect with partners, save hours, filter data and offer dedicated onboarding and support.
  • They also offer an Everflow+ Custom plan that makes growth easier and includes everything from the Core Plan and a launch team, automated payment process, training sessions and full data and set up migrations.

Everflow FAQ

Yes. Everflow provides full data and setup migration without any data loss and they replicate your existing setup. While the migration is ongoing, you will still be able to run your programs.

Yes. Infact, Everflow provides comprehensible instructions on how to set up Everflow on your store and have easy launch integrations for your Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce stores and such.

Everflow requires a minimum of 6-month commitment for their plans to be able to show you results.

Yes, Everflow has been designed by industry veterans to handle massive scale via Google Cloud infrastructure. They process billions of clicks and impressions each month.

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