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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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First Sport Media provides advertising solutions within a network of more than 80 sports-related websites with unique and on-demand sports content. Their sites combine live scores, sport news, match reports, recaps, stats, predictions, and other engaging content for sports fans. With flexibility and sports digital marketing as their heart and soul, First Sport Media has a proven track record of helping brands all over the world to reach out to the sports audience effectively through specific ad formats and advertising setting means.

First Sport Media Features and Capabilities

First Sport Media offers various advantages to its publishers:

  • Worldwide spread: Helps monetize and scale your websites all over the world in Africa, LatAm, Asia, and Europe
  • Set up solutions: Offers ad-serving solutions to help monetize content. 

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First Sport Media Site Type Monetized

First Sport Media supports sport related websites only. 

First Sport Media Ad Formats

First Sport Media helps you monetize your content via various ad formats like:

  • Display ads
  • Native ads
  • PR and content projects. 

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