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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Known to be publishers' go-to adtech platform to accelerate business, FoxPush provides all-in-one advertising solutions. With customized advanced technology aimed to facilitate the web’s leading publishers to reach the masses of people and boost revenue, FoxPush truly helps accelerate your business. It makes sure that only the highest-paying ads go live and offers a great user experience to assist your brand image. 

FoxPush Products

FoxPush is an all-in-one adtech solution provider that offers varying products like:

  • Lead Generation: Helps run lead forms with extraordinarily effective performance.
  • Video Player: It is built with quality, speed and flexibility in mind and encompasses everything required to target your audience.
  • Data Solutions: Helps boost engagement, enhance user experience, find new clients and grow business with highly effective Data Solution techniques.
  • DSP: Branded technology is built to meet modern-day marketing and advertising challenges endlessly.

FoxPush Features and Capabilities

Irrespective of whether you are a startup or an established business, FoxPus offers features that will bring you advantages and drive results:

  • Geo-targeting and device targeting: Enables you to specify particular towns, cities and generic areas based on your target audience – you can now filter the reach of your advertisement and content geographically and based on the operating system, device or browser.
  • Segmentation: Allows you to segment your target audience based on their unique likes and preferences. Evaluate what type of content your users want to watch and then target them accordingly.
  • Internet provider: Helps engage your target audience based on their current internet providers seamlessly.
  • Behavioural targeting: Helps retarget highly interested service users based on their behaviour and get a higher conversion rate.
  • Personalization: Helps design customized and personalized experiences for your users and boost user experience.
  • Demographic targeting: This helps target your audience based on demographic conditions like age, gender, and class, helping you achieve greater results.
  • Retargeting: Allows you to notify website users about the products they've purchased or browsed on your website.
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FoxPush Key Facts

FoxPush has industry-leading AdTech experts. It is valued and trusted by networks, publishers, and marketers globally. These are the reasons all publishers depend on it:

  • Easy to integrate and use: Offers an easy-to-set-up and operate technology.
  • Access premium demand: Offers access to the premium demand from international brands.
  • Smart targeting: Offers AI technology that guarantees effecting ad targeting.

FoxPush Ad Formats

FoxPush offers both push notification ads and native ads for better performance, higher CTR and enhanced brand value from their attention-grabbing ads. 

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