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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

FriendlyBunny is a transparent CPA ad network specializing in verticals associated with movies, books, music, games, sports, sweepstakes and adult media. Through the use of proprietary algorithms developed in-house, the company loads the most relevant ads for visitors, ensuring optimized ad experiences to accelerate publisher revenue. Offering one of the fastest payment durations on the market with up to 4 payments per month, FriendlyBunny lets you get paid in your local currency. Additionally, their money-for-traffic estimator gives publishers the option to calculate their projected earnings before signing up. Apart from this, FriendlyBunny also has a publicly available average commissions list for each country that serves as a helpful resource directory.

FriendlyBunny's solutions include an Academy with a suite of informative on-site articles to aid revenue generation. Their Loyalty progam guarantees quicker payments, reduced minimum payouts, and better support to all publishers who maintain a stable income for at least 3 months. FriendlyBunny lets you earn money for every visitor you get, regardless of their location, this means that publishers also get paid for traffic from developing countries. The platform's advanced solutions are designed to bypass all ad blockers that prevent revenue loss, this helps you gain at least 15-30% more revenue.

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FriendlyBunny Features and Capabilities

  • Optimized Conversions: FriendlyBunny's powerful AI-optimized platform increase your commissions by picking the most ideal offer for a visitor to ensure both, a profitable as well relevant ad experience.
  • Local Currency Payments: The platform ensures that publishers get paid on time, and in their local currency, to eliminate unwanted currency conversion fees. They also support crypto payments.
  • 100% Traffic across all Geos: FriendlyBunny lets you earn money for every visitor you get, regardless of location. This guarantees that publishers get duly paid for traffic from developing countries.
  • Prevents Ad Blockers: Their advanced solutions are designed to trick all ad blockers to prevent revenue loss, which means you could earn 15-30% more revenue.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: FriendlyBunny's dashboard is clean, simple, and user-friendly, with real-time statistics and lead reporting.
  • Flexible Ad-Link: Their fully customizable ad-link is formulated to match the requirements of every publisher, as per their criteria.
  • Enhanced Safety: All publishers get a secured and verified account with 2-factor authentication.

FriendlyBunny Payment Info

FriendlyBunny offers a range of payment methods to publishers on a NET-15 basis. The minimum payout threshold for bank transfers, Paypal and Payoneer is €100, while the threshold for other payment modes including crypto ranges between €50 to €300.

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FriendlyBunny Key Facts

  • FriendlyBunny offers real-time updates of your clicks, leads and commissions.
  • Their wide range of offers include access to a database of 27 products and 324 landing pages classified into 39 categories.
  • Publishers can expect to earn commissions up to €311 per lead.
  • FriendlyBunny lets you earn money for every visitor, regardless of location, including traffic from developing countries.

FriendlyBunny Geos Served

Serves globally.

FriendlyBunny Publisher Eligibility

FriendlyBunny accepts all websites regardless of traffic. However, they have some specific guidelines for publishers: 

  • You must have a guidelines-compliant website that adheres to legalities
  • No content that promotes violence, weapons or drugs
  • No false or misleading information
  • No content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others.

FriendlyBunny Revenue Share

They offer a 10% commission from all campaigns of a referred publisher, during the initial 90-day period.

FriendlyBunny FAQ

FriendlyBunny's top verticals are Books, Software, Movies, Music, Sports, Dating, Adult, Sweep and any streaming or file downloads in general.

FriendlyBunny permits all types of white hat traffic. However, consent to its use for a specific campaign will depend on the advertiser's promotion rules and restrictions.

Advertisers join FriendlyBunny to promote their offers, and publishers (affiliates) join to earn commissions by promoting those offers. Publishers are paid when their audience takes a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

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