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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Gamezop is a leading HTML5 gaming platform that offers innovative advertising solutions for brands and performance marketers. Founded in 2015, Gamezop has established itself as a premier destination for casual gaming, reaching over 45 million monthly active users across 200+ countries. The platform provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with a diverse, global audience through various ad formats integrated seamlessly into popular HTML5 games. Gamezop's network includes over 300 publisher partners, ensuring wide distribution and high visibility for ad campaigns.

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Gamezop Products

Here are few products offered by Gamezop:

  • Video Ads: Pre-roll and rewarded video ad options.
  • Playable Ads: Interactive ad experiences allowing users to trial advertised products.
  • Native Ads: Seamlessly integrated ad units that match the game's look and feel.
  • Branded Games: Custom-developed games featuring advertiser branding.
  • Gamezop Advertiser Dashboard: Real-time campaign management and reporting tool.

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Gamezop Features and Capabilities

Some highlighted features and capabilities offered:

  • Global Reach: Access to users across 200+ countries.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Ads served across mobile, desktop, and smart TV platforms.
  • Advanced Targeting: Options for demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting.
  • Real-Time Optimization: AI-driven ad delivery for maximum engagement.
  • Brand Safety: Curated network of premium publisher partners.
  • High Viewability: Engaged audience with average session times of 20 minutes.
  • Cross-Device Tracking: Consistent user experience across different devices.
  • Flexible Integration: Easy implementation for publishers via SDK or API.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored advertising options for specific brand needs.
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Gamezop Key Facts

Some Key Facts:

  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquarters in New Delhi, India
  • 45+ million monthly active users
  • Present in 200+ countries
  • Network of 300+ publisher partners
  • 1000+ HTML5 games in portfolio
  • Average user session time of 20 minutes
  • Compatible with mobile, desktop, and smart TV platforms
  • Specializes in casual gaming and innovative ad solutions

Gamezop Site Type Monetized

Gamezop's advertising solutions are primarily integrated into:

  • HTML5 games
  • News and content websites
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Social media apps
  • Mobile apps across various categories

Gamezop Geos Served

Gamezop offers truly global reach, with a presence in over 200 countries. The platform's diverse game portfolio and multi-language support enable advertisers to target audiences worldwide, with particular strength in emerging markets.

Gamezop Publisher Eligibility

Gamezop welcomes advertisers of all sizes, from global brands to performance marketers. While there are no strict minimum requirements mentioned, advertisers should be prepared to:

  • Comply with Gamezop's ad policies and quality standards
  • Provide ad creatives that align with the platform's specifications
  • Set a campaign budget suitable for reaching their goals

Gamezop Pricing

Gamezop offers flexible pricing models to suit different advertiser needs.  Advertisers can contact Gamezop directly for customized pricing based on their campaign goals and budget.

Gamezop Ad Formats

The Ad Formats offered in Gamezop are as follows:

  • Display Banners: Standard and custom-sized banner ads within games.
  • Interstitial Ads: Full-screen ad units displayed between game levels.
  • Native In-Game Ads: Contextually relevant ads that blend with game content.
  • Branded Games: Fully customized games featuring advertiser's branding and messaging.

Gamezop FAQ

Absolutely! We specialize in creating tailored solutions, including branded games and custom ad units, to meet specific advertiser needs. Our team will work closely with you to develop unique, engaging experiences for your target audience.

We offer advanced targeting capabilities including demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting. Our AI-driven optimization ensures your ads reach the most relevant audience for maximum impact.

Gamezop offers access to a highly engaged, global audience of casual gamers. Our diverse ad formats, from display to playable ads, allow you to create interactive brand experiences that drive awareness and performance metrics.

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