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Gold Lasso Description

Gold Lasso is a free email monetization and native adverting service that helps media companies monetize email newsletters using native advertising. It helps publishers get peak performance from email advertising. It offers full email automation and monetization services for media companies and unprecedented performance. It helps publishers eliminate your ESP bill when you automate and monetize your email newsletters. 

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Gold Lasso Features and Capabilities

Gold Lasso Publisher Eligibility

The requirements to becoming a Gold Lasso publishing partner are as follows:

Gold Lasso Faq

Yes. Gold Lasso helps publisher partners professionally design and code their newsletter template ensuring maximum rendering across all devices and monetization.

Yes! Gold Lasso offers custom sending identities to its publishing partners so they can maximize their deliverability.

You may send a limited quantity of 3rd party offers witout Gold Lasso advertising from your account.

Theoretically no! When becoming a publishing partner you will agree to your monthly sending needs ahead of time. Gold Lasso accommodates most publisher's sending needs.

No! All features and services available to the paid clients are available to the publishing partners. They treat our publishing partners as if they are paying for their licensed products. The only difference is that publishers agree to place mutually agreed advertisements in the majority of their email sending.