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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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With over 10 years of experience in the programmatic media market, Grumft boasts an impressive +15 billion monthly display ad impressions and +12 million video ad impressions. The network's innovative ad formats are optimized for mobile, apps and desktop, offering interstitial, native, sticky, AMP, IAB, open app and rewarded ads. Publishers can engage their audience with customizable push notifications, recirculation, and pop-ups to catapult revenue streams and increase profitability through targetted and consistent engagement.

By connecting publishers to premium advertisers, Grumft maximizes revenue globally to increase eCPM. Furthermore, it guarantees CPM tags for publishers without compromising the end user experience. The company's range of monetization solutions include Programmatic Advertising, Header Bidding and Direct Deals to faciliate better control and higher ad yeild. Publishers can customize ad placements and settings to suit their specific needs. Overall, Grumft's easy-to-use dashboard, comprehensive analytics and optimization tools help publishers achieve revenue goals while maintaining a positive user experience.

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Grumft Products

  • GPush: Engage your audience with customizable push notifications, recirculation, and pop-ups.
  • GTags: Optimize with smart tags, responsive ads, refresh, and key-value.
  • GAMP: Boost your website with Grumft's AMP plugin and advanced optimization strategies.
  • GPub: Manage tags, monitor clicks, eCPM, CTR, and ad impressions in reports.
  • GVitals: Empower your WordPress with an optimized theme, modern, and adjustable design.

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Grumft Features and Capabilities

  • Google Ad Manager: Grumft manages your Google Ad Manager, configures the prebid and optimizes your impressions and clicks.
  • Specialized Support: They offer exclusive support with daily follow-up from an account manager and optimization strategies.
  • Website Monetization: The network achieves high performance in monetizing your website with customized strategies and expert support to maximize publisher earnings.
  • App Monetization: They explore new possibilities to increase your app's profitability with a hands-on and innovative approach.
  • Programmatic Media: They connect you directly to premium advertisers through exclusive real-time bidding (RTB) and campaign planning and operation partners.
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Grumft Publisher Eligibility

As a publisher, you should have a minimum of 100k monthly visitors or 300k monthly pageviews. This entry level publisher traffic threshold is often recommended for a certain level of data to kick in for the optimization process to get started. Also, this threshold can benefit both the parties as this is a good starting point for scaling the website revenue. 

Grumft Revenue Share

Publishers who are willing to work with Grumft can expect a flat or tiered revenue share of 70-85% depending on their traffic volumes and services offered. Most ad monetization services usually take a cut in the range of 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. However, the publishers can still see a minimum of 30%+ guaranteed revenue uplift, and if the same is not attained; a negotiation should be initiated. 

Grumft Ad Formats

  • Interstitial Ads: Being the most popular format in mobile apps, Interstitial Ads are a critical tool for monetization. They clearly separate the app from the ad, enabling publishers and developers to benefit from monetization, while advertisers capture users’ full attention. Interstitial Ads’ full-screen display helps combat “banner blindness,” where users become accustomed to ignoring banner ads, resulting in more impressions and increased conversions.
  • IAB Formats: IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) banner sizes set industry standards, ensuring transparency and ease of implementation. Sizes include 300×600, 300×250, 970×250, 970×90, and more, tailored for desktop and mobile.
  • AMP Ads: HTML Ads for AMP, also known as AMPHTML Ads are fast, lightweight, secure, and display only after validation. While traditional HTML ads are compatible with AMP pages, they usually take longer to load, whereas AMPHTML ads load as fast as the rest of the AMP page. AMPHTML ads appear across the web, not just on AMP pages.
  • Native Ads: Native Ads merge as much as possible with the design and content of the platform on which it is placed, for a non-intrusive, engaging user experience.
  • Stick Ads: Stick Ads are fixed ads that maintain visibility in a specific position on a website or app, even when users scroll through the content. Unlike traditional ads that can be easily scrolled past and missed, Stick Ads ensure ads remain consistently visible, capturing the attention of your target audience in an impactful way.
  • Rewarded Ads: Rewarded Ads are a type of incentive-based advertising and a crucial resource for publishers, advertisers and app developers to maintain user interest in ads. Rewarded Ads offer users the opportunity to interact with a playable ad in exchange for an incentive, such as an extra life in a game, an extended free trial, a tip, or virtual currency.
  • Open App Ads: These are a special ad format designed for those looking to monetize the app loading experience for mobile devices. It is displayed when a user opens or returns to their app. Users can close the app opening ads at any time, and they are designed to appear when the mobile app is in the foreground on the user’s screen.