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Imonomy Description

Imonomy is an effective monetization platform that leverages your visual assets to captivate users and generate high RPMs. Their algorithm dynamically optimizes the value of each impression using RTB and real-time big data analysis to maximize your CPM. It helps maximize your revenue while engaging your users. It is an intelligent In-Image platform that gives publishers and networks the ability to monetize the most engaged areas of websites, the editorial images.

Imonomy Software Images

Imonomy Features and Capabilities

Imonomy Key Facts

Imonomy works with over 13,000 publishers and monetizes over 800 million images across the web. Other than their in-image technology, their platform ensures ad revenue optimization for the publishers. The platform optimizes each impression in a few different ways. They use RTB and Header Bidding to connect with demand partners, ensuring higher CPMs than more traditional methods. They use real-time historical data and segmentation to optimize price floors. Their dynamic viewability technology optimizes ad placement by automatically relocating ads to the images with the highest viewability on each webpage.

Imonomy Ad Formats

  1. In-screen ads
  2. In-image ads
  3. Video ads