The Best In-Image Ad Networks for Publishers

If you want to generate revenue through content, in-image ads are great. In in-image advertising, you get a graphic or image promoting a business's services or services. Users are taken to the company or advertiser’s website, and you can get paid for every click or sale.

There are several in-image advertisers out there. Yet it can be a challenge to find suitable in-image ads for your content. This is where in-image ad networks come in. 

Overview of In-Image ad networks

In-image ad networks act as a bridge between publishers and advertisers. They help publishers find a vast pool of advertising partners, share relevant insights from the ads, and help with the technical aspects of the ad monetization process. 

Benefits of In-image Ad Networks for Publishers

Here are some benefits of using in-image ad networks for publishers. Generally, in-image ad networks work best for publishers with a few million page views monthly.

  • Better engagement rates: In-image ads tend to have good engagement rates than traditional banner ads, as they are integrated more seamlessly into the images and are often more visually appealing.
  • Improved user experience: Visual experiences are heightened with in-image ads, as they do not disrupt the flow of content.
  • Diversified revenue stream: By using in-image ad networks, publishers can diversify their revenue stream beyond display, video, and push ads.
  • Quick integration: In-image ad networks can be easy to integrate into your website through a javascript or a plugin. They can call a number of SSPs, DSPs, and exchanges if header bidding tech is implemented.

GumGum is a contextual intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to see and analyze the full content of a page in a whole new way. 

AdMedia is the premier advertising and marketing network that helps publishers make the most of their websites by displaying relevant and targeted ads.

Imonomy is an intelligent in-image platform that helps maximize ad performance by delivering high CPMs and generating incremental revenue.

How to choose the best in-image ad networks for publishers?

Choosing the best in-image ad network for publishers can be challenging, as fill rates and CPMs can vary significantly. Here are some factors to consider when you are selecting an in-image ad network:

  • Relevancy of Ads: Make sure the ad network offers ads that are relevant to your users and the content of your website or app. Irrelevant ads can negatively impact user experience and result in lower engagement rates.
  • On-time Payouts: Look for an image ad network that offers faster payouts in NET 30 days compared to NET 45 or NET 60. 
  • Superior Tech: Working with too many demand partners to increase fills and CPMs can negatively affect ad loading speed if the network is not using state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. A superior tech can also minimize revenue due to bid loss. 
  • Better Demand: To maximize your CPMs and earning potential, you should choose an in-image network that has integration with a number of SSPs, Exchanges, and DSPs so that the advertiser competition remains high.
  • Reputation and reliability: Having a good LinkedIn profile, accessibility to customer support, and on-time payments are a few of the checklists to take into consideration.
  • Customization options: The in-image ad network should have some customization features to ensure the ads are contextually placed, and their placements should be controlled (to a certain extent). 

By considering these factors and doing your due diligence, you can choose the best in-image ad network for your website.

However, it must be mentioned that in-image ads may only be suitable for some types of publishers or websites. For example, if your website relies heavily on text-based content, in-image ads may not be the best option as they may not be as relevant to your users. Also, sometimes users may find in-image ads intrusive if not implemented correctly. Thus, it's essential to carefully consider your audience first and then your goals when deciding to use in-image ad networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In-image ads are ads that use a graphic to promote something. Once a user clicks on a link, they are taken to the relevant website.