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Insticator Description

Insticator allows you to utilize and activate first-party data to increase engagement and ad revenue for your website. It delivers a variety of things like surveys/trivia/polls embers that are engaging and serves ads with the questions. The visitors get engaged with the trivia questions, and more ads are served.

Insticator offers an excellent model that has shown a significant increase in revenue, and it also allows you to customize the questions shown. It is a solid solution for additional revenue and bidding pressure. It is very responsive to all kinds of customer support issues, and its account management team is extremely attentive.

Insticator Features and Capabilities

Insticator Key Facts

Insticator Ad Formats

Insticator offers effective ad formats across mobile, desktop and video like:

Display Ads:  These are ads that contain images, videos or gifs.

Instream Ads: These are ads that are shown before, during, or post the viewer has seen the video.

Outstream Ads: These are ads that automatically appear in a large format player when a user navigates to it within text content.

Video Ads: These are ads that contain informative content about the products or services in the form of a video.

Native Ads: These ads match the look and form of the content they appear with.

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