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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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LiveIntent was the first and largest email advertising network. Rather than focusing on standard on-site advertisements (such as 728x90 leaderboards and 300x250 rectangles), LiveIntent provides technology that allows publishers to incorporate display ads within their emails.

If you input some basic information on their website, LiveIntent will give you a free sample of their email banner ad integration.

LiveIntent's technology is reasonably simple to set up and manage. Because LiveIntent serves advertising in email using static HTML elements, integration with your email platform and templates should be rather straightforward. Once tags are configured and linked to your email templates, there should be little maintenance necessary, and fill rates can approach 100%.

You probably won't need to alter your email service provider (ESP) to use LiveIntent. The organization works with an alliance of ESPs to provide relatively straightforward setup and troubleshooting. Many prominent brands are involved in this cooperation, including Silverpop and MailChimp.

LiveIntent could be used in 2 ways: to serve email ad campaigns sold to third parties straight or to backfill any unsold stock via an ad network. The goal is to serve email campaigns is a useful addition for anyone who is currently doing this manually—essentially it's equivalent to having DFP (or a comparable platform) for your email ad operations efforts.

Most individuals who are interested in LiveIntent are most likely looking for advertising through the network.

Live Intent Features and Capabilities

  • LiveIntent is among the largest and oldest email monetization solution providers.
  • They are basically the Google AdSense of email, with a massive network of publishers and advertisers, resulting in high fill rates.
  • They make it simple to integrate with the most common email service providers, such as SilverPop and MailChimp.
  • While it is difficult to attain high eCPMs with email monetization, LiveIntent is likely the best option if you fulfil their minimum monthly impressions requirement of 3 million.
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Live Intent Publisher Eligibility

LiveIntent requires publishers to have a minimum traffic requirement of 3 million monthly email impressions to apply.

Live Intent Ad Formats

LiveIntent primarily offers email ads. It offers LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints that allow you to automate and elevate native ads in emails with custom placement design, streamlined workflows, and a host of revenue opportunities.

Live Intent FAQ

Their Reporting UI provides you with an intuitive and easy way to access your data. After setting a few parameters, you can download, email, or schedule your custom reports.

Revenue Per Thousand Opens (RPO) is the top-line metric for understanding the value you derive from your available inventory. RPO condenses two measurements: Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and LiveTags Per Open (LPO). RPO is a good way to evaluate your success with LiveIntent for a few reasons, the biggest being that it’s reflective of the LiveIntent exchange (CPM) as well as your own adoption of LiveIntent’s technology (the number of LiveTags in your template).

The LiveConnect Email Extension is simply an additional URL parameter LiveIntent recommends that publishers add to all URLs within their newsletter to maximize newsletter monetization and improve the identity of their site visitors.

By configuring the LiveConnect Email Extension, publishers can expand the number of authenticated links between hashed email addresses and first-party cookies anchored around a secure nonID. Because the LiveConnect Email Extension is appended to all content URLs, this helps extend the site visitor resolution picture already captured by the LiveConnect tag. Specifically, it increases the volume of clicks, increases the number of deterministic links, enables more accurate mapping, and improves site visitor resolution,

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