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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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MemberGate is a platform for not only content creators but for tutors and coaches too. They can start their own website here and get a completely unique set of tools to run their online courses. 

MemberGate is a pay-first based platform where there are various plans to tempt the creator to join in and become a member of the platform. It provides not only a set of unique tools to its members, but its premium membership gets the real person's help too.

MemberGate takes good care of its member's consumers too, by giving them platforms of their own.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup

MemberGate Products

MemberGate offers the following:

  • Subscription Software: It is a tool that helps you easily launch your own subscription website. you can start a profitable website by collecting recurring fees.
  • MemberGate LMS: It is a complete Learning Management System so coaches, trainers, educators and teachers can upload their training materials, take students through classes and courses, track their progress and certify on completion.

MemberGate Features and Capabilities

MemberGate is full of unique features to help its members as well as entertain the consumers. It helps its members build a subscription website and manage the content. Here are some features which come with all the MemberGate installations. 

  • The Platform: MemberGate does everything for its members. All one needs to do is set the rules. Once the rules are set, MemberGate formats a website for you based on the rules and showed up with a preview for the member. Activate button makes it real. The member can edit the graphics and themes later if needed. 
  • Autopilot: Rule setting, approving the preview, and the whole thing runs automatically. Daily statistics, new member sign-ins, and alerts in case of some problem. Automatic sign-up for consumers, sending welcome messages, renewal notices, etc. A  can have an unlimited number of plans for membership. 
  • Page publishing: Members can schedule the dates of the page to be published. There is another feature where members can 'drip' the content so that the content appears to the consumer after their specific time spent as members. 
  • Archives: No old pages would go down. As time passes and the older pages fall back, the platform automatically puts the pages into an archive from where they can be easily searched.
  • Theme and designs: the members can change the theme and design of the website based on their tastes and consumer demand. There is a theme library where one can use any theme for free. 
  • Learning Management System (LMS):  Unlike e-learning, where the courses are uploaded, and students are left to it, LMS allows the members to monitor the progress and apply tests, quizzes and assignments if necessary.  The members can offer certification of the course too.
  • Members can have content providers, managers, etc., for their websites with clear restrictions to what they can do on your website. 
  • Split tests: This is the idea of comparing one page against another page to understand consumer demand. With the help of the Split test, members can understand which page is getting more stats daily and work on it with future posts.
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MemberGate Key Facts

  • MemberGate prides itself for its unique feature of LMS or Learning Management System. It is like the elearning but with more to offer to the students.
  • With LMS, the member can create courses and certifications too.
  • It allows you to monitor the consumer's progress and setting up quizzes and tests when needed to ensure advancement. 

MemberGate Site Type Monetized

MemberGate is excellent for all kinds of websites and you do mot have to be a major publisher to use it. It works well for private newsletters, association publications, and almost any size corporate Internet or intranet site.

MemberGate Pricing

  • The basic plan starts at $97/month with the basic features offered, such as LMS, multimedia system, and theme library. The number of members this plan has is 100 members only.
  • For marketers, MemberGate provides $197/month, which includes the basic features as well as 250 members. 
  • For a growing business, a $257/month plan offers 500 members. 
  • Marketing pros get offers to franchise the plan and mutual site and will be able to talk to the team of MemberGate. 

MemberGate Ad Formats

MemberGate focuses on Banner advertising of its member's content. It is believed at MemberGate that with banner advertising, the members can get more traffic and, eventually, more subscriptions.

MemberGate FAQ

Support is included as part of the Software As A Service plan. If not, it is charged monthly at a prevailing rate for Licensees i.e. USD 40.

No. MemberGate is not designed for sites that offer adult images. They do not license the software for that kind of application.

MemberGate recommends Hostek. But if you have a preferred host, check if they offer Cold Fusion. MemberGate requires the following minimum specs: 1. Cold Fusion 11 2. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 3. Microsoft SQL Server 2014

MemberGate is designed to create and maintain websites.

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