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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Notix is an audience re-engagement service based on web and in-app push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices. Notix provides push notifications to increase your website page views. It helps increase your traffic using push notifications that help you re-engage your users by sending relevant website content to them. With Notix, you get every tool to make your website more effective and the audience more responsive. They help boost pageviews and increase traffic. It sends your content to users to re-engage the audience. It monetizes your subscribers using brand-safe advertising.
With Notix, you can send out the latest news and updates and engage your users in real-time.  It also allows you to analyse engagement and segment audience by interests. It also helps bring the audience back and increase page views.

Quick Facts
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Notix Products

Notix offers various products and solutions powered by their technology that can generate benefits for you:

  • Audience segmentation: Helps improve targeting by segmenting audiences based on custom parameters.
  • Parallel testing: Allows you to test Notix with current providers to see the difference.
  • Database migration: Helps you move your subscribers to Notix.
  • RSS Feed: Helps turn your RSS feed into push notifications via Zapier to send the leastest news.

Notix Features and Capabilities

  • Increase traffic: Sends out the latest news and updates to engage users with your content in real-time and analyzes engagement, and segments your audience by interests to bring them back to the website and increase page views.
  • Re-engages audience: Sends your content using an RSS feed, WordPress Plugin, or manually and provides one more channel to communicate with your users and one more way to re-engage them.
  • Monetizes subscribers with brand-safe ads:  Sends only trusted brands and quality ads as your push messages.
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Notix Key Facts

  • Notix is an audience re-engagement service based on web and in-app push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • It helps you engage every user for every website and offers solutions for website owners and websmasters, affiliates and media agencies, and online businesses. 
  • It assures you a 30% better delivery rate and helps you deliver more and get highs CTR on each notification sent.

Notix Publisher Eligibility

In order to be eligible to become a Notix User, any and/or all of your Sources shall meet the following criteria:

  • Be fully functional at all levels, no “under construction” sites/links or sections; and
  • Shall comply with the applicable legislation.

Notix Pricing

Notix offers a free plans for websites with lower volume of subscribers and special offers for clients with bigger databases and complex SAAS integrations.

  • It offers a Free plan for websites with up to 30,000 subscribers.
  • The Basic plan is for websites with up to 150,000 subscribers and the monthly pricing starts from USD 30, with Notix charging USD 1 per 1000 subscribers.
  • The Monetization plan has no charges and is for unlimited subscribers.
  • The Enterprise plan starts from 150,000 subscribers and comes with custom conditions that you have to contact their support for.

Notix Ad Formats

Notix is the ideal solution to help publishers re-engage users by sending push notification ads. Their push notifications are the proven way to increase traffic. You can send out the latest news and updates, and engage users withy your content in real-time.

Notix also offers in-app and on-site notifications to help you expand retention effort and catch users with updates while they are on your app/website.

Notix offers content recommendation that helps you achieve deeper engaging by promoting content that matches users' interest.

Notix FAQ

Notix does the following to monetise your base: 1. Ensure the approval of the brands promoted. 2. Control the frequency of advertising campaigns. 3. Prioritizes timely payments and long term partnerships.

Yes. You can continue using your current push notification service, collecting your base, and maintaining your established processes effortlessly with the following: 1. Seamless integration with your base through an API, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. 2. Premium advertising feed from from top brands. 3. Quick start with a streamlined onboarding process.

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