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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Olavivo's industry-leading tech and flexible ad formats enable publishers to strike the perfect balance between monetization and user experience, to effectively optimize yeild. With years of expertise in the field of content monetzation, the affiliate marketing network boasts top-performing offers across verticals including crypto, finance, travel, e-commerce, health, beauty and gaming. Olavivo spans across 125+ GEOS, delivering ad experiences in 16 different languages. Their easy to use, centralized dashboard features advanced reporting and analytics tracking tools to offer real-time insights into campaign performance, clicks, conversions, and earnings. Publishers can customize their strategies according to their audience to maximize the potential for higher engagement and incremental revenue, along with dedicated affiliate managers for personalized assistance.

Olavivo offers one of the fastest payout durations in the industry, with NET 7/bi-weekly and monthly payments along with multiple payment methods including PayPal, Bank transfer, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
Multiple Formats
Global Fill Rates
Privacy Compliant
Referral Program
Excellent Client Service

Olavivo Products

With a commitment to excellence, Olavivo acts as a bridge for businesses seeking effective online promotion and affiliates looking for lucrative opportunities. The platform thrives on transparency, cutting-edge technology, and personalized support, ensuring a seamless experience for both advertisers and publishers. Whether you're a brand aiming to expand your reach or an affiliate eager to maximize earnings, Olavivo offers a reliable and performance-driven solution to elevate your digital marketing endeavors.

Olavivo Features and Capabilities

  • Advanced Tracking Technology: Olavivo employs cutting-edge tracking solutions, including pixel tracking and sub-ID tracking, ensuring precise and granular analytics for both publishers and advertisers.
  • Diverse Advertiser Portfolio: With a vast array of high-quality advertisers, Olavivo offers publishers access to lucrative campaigns across various industries, maximizing earning potential, specially in Crypto, Finance, Sweepstakes, and Leadgen.
  • Real-Time Reporting: The platform provides real-time reporting and analytics, empowering users with instant insights into campaign performance, clicks, conversions, and earnings.
  • Personalized Account Managers: Olavivo assigns dedicated account managers to optimize campaign performance for publishers
  • Global Reach: Operating on a global scale, Olavivo connects publishers to leading advertisers to maximize campaign visibility.
  • Prompt Payments: Olavivo prioritizes timely payments (Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly), ensuring publishers receive their earnings promptly. 
  • Fraud Prevention Measures: Implementing robust fraud detection and prevention tools, Olavivo maintains a secure environment and safeguards publishers from fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity of campaigns.
  • Creative Resources and Support: Olavivo's rich repository of creative resources include banners and landing pages, coupled with expert assistance to help publishers optimize their promotional efforts for maximum impact.

Olavivo Payment Info

Olavivo provides flexible payout options to accommodate affiliate preferences. Publishers can opt for NET 7, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of USD 250. Their supported payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, ACH (US Only), Bank Wire, and Cryptocurrency.

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Olavivo Key Facts

  • Established in 2016, Olavivo is a boutique affiliate network focusing on finance, crypto, NFTs, health, beauty, travel, e-commerce, and other verticals.
  • With over 10K active publishers across 125 countries, Olavivo lets advertisers and affiliates enjoy top-converting offers on a global scale.
  • It has a 90 day cookie life span with advanced tracking system
  • Olavivo provides flexible payout options to accommodate affiliate preferences, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payouts

Olavivo Geos Served

Operates across 125 countriies, globally

Olavivo Publisher Eligibility

To become a publisher with Olavivo, there are certain platform guidelines and prerequisites that publishers must meet:

  • Olavivo typically looks for publishers with high-quality content that aligns with the standards of the platform.
  • Publishers with organic, legitimate, and non-incentivized traffic get faster approvals
  • Publishers must provide accurate information during the signup process and maintain transparency in their promotional activities.

Olavivo Revenue Share

Olavivo operates on a revenue-sharing model commonly used in affiliate marketing. Olavivo does not charge any fees to activate an account. They do charge you with an advertiser fee that might be fixed, but only because they have to. And they do not charge any fees from their media partners. Olavivo offers several types of campaign types, including CPA, CPL, and CPS. The variety of campaign types attracts people from all around the globe to join the network.

Olavivo FAQ

An account manager can set you up with a campaign, or affiliates can independently check out Olavivo's offers, grab a tracking link and start promoting.

The network offers several types of campaigns including, CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC, REV-SHARE, CPS and CPI.

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