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The Best Multi Format Ad Networks for Publishers: 2022

Solving one or more of your problems, multi-format ads allow you to serve various media types in one ad unit. For instance, an ad unit can be set up on a page that can display a banner, video, or native ad, depending on the audience. It is an innovative way to mix and match ad offerings and meet unique needs. The benefits of this are:

  • Higher reach
  • Advanced targeting capabilities



Leading ad technology provider ExoClick offers publishers and advertisers possibilities to monetize content. It functions both as an ad network and as an ad exchange.

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No matter the size of their webpage, The Moneytizer is a plug-and-play ad network that makes it simple for publishing companies to connect with advertisers. The platform is based on their in-house Header Bidding technology, which enables them to link numerous advertising partners with each webpage.

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