Best Multi Format Ad Networks for Publishers

Are you interested in making revenue through your blog or website? Try multi-format advertising. Multi-format ads are adverts that severe multi-formats, ranging from video to static ads, in a single unit, based on audience preferences.

These ads can be an additional source of revenue for you as a publisher. They are good at combating banner blindness due to their personalized nature. You can use the services of a multi-format ad network to get the best possible ads for your content. This will help you get the best-personalized advertisements relevant to your audience, thus ensuring that they engage with the ads. Multi-format ad networks act as a bridge between you, a publisher, and potential advertisers. They also have the tools required to automate a lot of the advertising process and can ensure you get the highest bidding ads in seconds. 

How to Choose the Best Multiformat Ad Networks?

There are several multiformat ad networks on the market. Given below are tips on how you can choose the best ad networks for your content:

  • Sizeable and relevant pool of advertisers: Pick an ad network that has a vast pool of advertisers in your niche and has worked with publishers like you before.
  • Relevant data: Ideally, you would choose an ad network that provides you with relevant data and statistics.
  • Budget: You can aim to find an ad network that has access to advertisers with a good budget. Ensure that their payment plans match your revenue goals. 

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

Leading ad technology provider ExoClick offers publishers and advertisers possibilities to monetize content. It functions both as an ad network and as an ad exchange. Along with working with other DSPs and advertising networks, ExoClick's Ad Exchange technology aids publishers in monetizing their traffic within ExoClick's ad network.

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network that helps publishers monetize their websites with global fills. It offers one of the best CPC rates for niche blogs and websites. AdSense is the go-to advertising network for all entry-level publishers. 

Moneytizer is a versatile multi-format ad network with IAB standard, high impact and video ad units that offer great fill rates and performance. The network helps publishers maximize their ad revenue through efficient ad management and insightful analytics to enhance user experiences and profitability.

Raptive is a multi-format ad network that helps you generate more revenue, cut the costs and remove all inefficiencies. This multi-format ad network helps you keep growing under their expertise and world-class technology.

As an intelligent, programmatic self-serve platform, AdOperator is an easy solution to make your ads profitable by engaging users and monetizing web traffic. AdOperator supports a vast amount of technical integrations including OpenRTB, XML feeds, and JS tags to monetize your website or blog via adding tags to your page.

Traffic nomads is a self-service ad network that helps publishers monetize their traffic.

Zeropark is a performance marketing and advertising technology platform providing incremental engagements and monetization solutions. 



A Multi-Format ad network, Push.House is well-versed with the needs of publishers ans website owners and comes with features offering excellent quality and more volume to subsequently keep the users happy and increase your reach.

Olavivo stands out in the digital market space as a network that delivers top-notch solutions aligning with the diverse needs of both publishers and advertisers. With a commitment to transparency and innovation, the platform offers an opportunity for advertisers & business owners to receive high-quality traffic and also at the same time provides an opportunity to affiliates who can monetize their traffic. Boasting a global network of 10,000+ publishers across 125 countries, Olavivo ensures advertisers access high-quality global traffic for effective online promotion.  Navigating Olavivo's onboarding is seamless, from signup to campaign exploration and link generation. Rigorous KYC checks ensure a secure environment for publishers. The Olavivo dashboard provides real-time insights, emphasizing communication with dedicated affiliate managers for personalized assistance. High-quality content, compliance with policies, ethical marketing practices, and positive working atmospheres define Olavivo's standards for publisher eligibility. Olavivo prioritizes flexibility with weekly, biweekly, or monthly payouts and a $250 minimum threshold. The revenue-sharing model aligns with industry standards, attracting a global audience. Responsive customer support, dedicated affiliate managers, and varied communication channels enhance the user experience.  

Benefits of Multiformat Ad Networks

  • Increased revenue: You can scale your advertising efforts by premium use of your ad space.
  • Access to a vast pool of advertisers: You will have access to a wide network of high-scale advertisers.
  • Access to data: Most multi-format ad networks provide relevant data and help you with the technical aspects of using these ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A multiformat ad is an advert that delivers multiple formats of adverts in one unit based on user preferences.

Publisher Growth will suggest the best ad networks and ad types for your site and content. Ideally, most publishers can use multi-format ads. Thus most publishers can use multi-format ad networks.