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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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No matter the size of their webpage, The Moneytizer is a plug-and-play ad network that makes it simple for publishing companies to connect with advertisers. The platform is based on their in-house Header Bidding technology, which enables them to link numerous advertising partners with each webpage. This creates an auction among several SSP publishers so that many partners can compete to fill each ad unit and obtain the highest CPM for the ad space. Moneytizer's header bidding technology, Moneytizer enables major advertisers to compete for your ad space.

The platform is ideal for individuals who want to pursue a profession as an online publisher or those who have used online advertising platforms in the past with mixed results. The best part is that the highest bidder will get all of the auctioned ads. This indicates that you will be paid the highest amount available for the visible advertisement. With over 40,000 sites and over 5 million daily unique visitors, The Moneytizer currently has a sizable network.

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The Moneytizer Products

The Moneytizer offers the following:

  • Header Bidding: The Moneytizer centralizes all the global advertising players and guarantees the best CPMs.
  • Ad Optimization: The Moneytizer guarantees the benefits from the latest monetization technologies to maximize your revenues.
  • WordPress Plugin: The Moneytizer allows you to integrate your ad units in 2 clicks and manage everything from your site.

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The Moneytizer Features and Capabilities

  • Highest Advertiser Bids: The platform's highest bidder model makes all advertisers compete for your ad space through a bidding process, allowing publishers to optimize their earnings.
  • Refreshed Ad Units: Dynamic advertising units are refreshed every 25 seconds to increase visitor engagement by capturing their attention through variety.
  • Easy Setup Process: The Moneytizer has a simpler integration process in contrast to many other ad network systems. The registration process is equally straightforward and the website is easy to access.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You get a dedicated account manager to manage the optimization of your ad revenues.
  • Auto Withdrawals: Your monthly payment is automatically processed as soon as you reach 50$, without any action on your part.

The Moneytizer Payment Info

The payments by Monetizer are automatically made by Bank Transfer or via PayPal after 60 days of the invoice being issued, provided that the Publisher exceeds the USD 50 threshold.

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The Moneytizer Key Facts

  • Moneytizer is a global monetization platform with more than 10,000 publishers on board, spread across 52 countries.
  • Their Header Bidding technology puts the world's largest buyers in competition with each other to ensure that you always get the best revenue.

The Moneytizer Publisher Eligibility

Moneytizer requires publishers to have at least more than 10,000  unique visitors every month to join and use their monetization benefits.

The Moneytizer Revenue Share

For each new website registered with your referral code or link, The Moneytizer credits 15 dollars into your account and 5 dollars into the referred publisher. This only applies if both websites (yours and the referral website) is active (displaying ads of The Moneytizer) and has generated at least 1 dollar of advertising revenue. These bonus will only be paid once, even if the referred website registers more than one website. You can track all your referral websites through your personal space Moneybox by clicking on "Referral"

The Moneytizer Ad Formats

The Moneytizer offers the following ad formats:

  • Footer or Slide-In: This places ads on the bottom of your screen without covering the content.
  • Recommended Content: This links the ad to similar articles on other websites or advertiser pages.
  • Interstitial Ads: It is activated when the page is opened and can be closed after 5 seconds.
  • Pop Ads: This format redirects users to the advertiser's page.
  • In-Text Video Ads: The ad only plays when the format appears on the screen and is strategically placed between two paragraphs. 

The Moneytizer FAQ

The Moneytizer only displays ads that are relevant to your visitors. The advertising campaigns visible on your website depend on your visitors’ profile. This means that you won't necessarily see the same advertisers as your visitors. All ads are profile and country specific.

Your website should comply with certain criteria in order to get approved by Moneytizer. You need to own a domain to begin with. This means, you cannot register a subdomain on the platform. Websites created through platforms like Wix or Jimdo cannot be accepted, these platforms do not allow access to a website's server. This makes monetization impossible since in order to place the ads.txt file you need access to your server information.

Lite allows publishers of so-called "unconventional" content to benefit from an adapted monetization. Indeed, most advertisers do not want to see their image associated with certain types of content. Among them: streaming, astrology, dating sites etc. However, The Moneytizer offers several advertising formats to publishers through the "Lite" offer.

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