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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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OnAudience helps easily analyze profiles of online customers and automatically generate reports that include the interests, demographics, and purchase intentions of your users. It finds behavioral patterns and shows what attributes are specific to your online customers.

Based on their analysis, you can identify the most valuable client groups and target them in highly personalized campaigns. In their reports, you have presented segments that belong to users who visited specific product sites.

Onaudience Features and Capabilities

  • Segment Audience: This allows you to collect all data about customers from various sources and divide them into segments. Based on the segments, you can run personalized campaigns and deliver your clients’ messages.
  • Make Informed Decision: Helps analyze the client’s profiles to tell you exactly what they need. The data behavior and attributes can help prepare more relevant campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Integration with Global DSPs: Integrated with global DSPs, allowing you to easily run campaigns to selected target groups by using your chosen platform.
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