Panthera Network
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Panthera Network Description

Panthera Network is an advertising network that offers publishers and advertisers performance-based advertising services. The affiliate program offers consolidated payment, real-time reporting, and a sizable share. The firm wants to assist publishers in making money by displaying their advertisements. A performance-based ad network that can deliver high-quality leads and sales may be what you're looking for if you're an advertiser.

Are you trying to find an internet marketing business that works on a performance basis and can deliver high-quality leads and sales? The solution is this performance-based affiliate network! Join right away. Panthera is a performance-based internet marketing firm that assists both publishers and advertisers in generating revenue from the display of their ads. You are given everything you need to get started using our network by their team of professionals, including committed assistance. To help you stay on top of your profits, they offer performance-based payments, real-time data, and one consolidated payment.

Panthera Network Features and Capabilities

Panthera Network Payment Info

Publishers are paid on a net 30-day payment schedule. Publishers are paid on the 30th of each month for the previous month's activity. Payment can come in the form of check, wire, ACH or PayPal. If you prefer PayPal, your PayPal account must be in "Verified" status.

Panthera Network Publisher Eligibility

Panthera Network has no minimum traffic requirements that publishers have to fulfill. However, by joining the Panthera Network affiliate network, a publisher agrees to avoid spamming and adhere to generally accepted standards of good business and Internet practices. Most countries have adopted directives and guidelines regarding spam. All publishers should familiarize themselves with local spam laws. 

Panthera Network Faq

No. There are no costs associated with joining Panthera Network as a publisher.

There is no limit to how many merchant programs you may promote. You can view the campaign description for any specific details regarding each program.

Publishers must agree to Panthera Network's Terms and Conditions when signing up to join the Panthera Network. Sign-up is followed by an application review by Panthera. You will then be notified via email as to when you can begin logging in to the system.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Response time will vary depending on the volume of applications to be reviewed. Most applications are approved/denied within 72 business hours of submission.

Panthera Network distributes a regular newsletter with the latest advertiser additions and promotions. Our Publisher Support Team is available 24/7.