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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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RedTrack makes it easy for media buyers to consolidate and report data. It helps track, attribute, automate and scale ROI. It is an incredible ad tracker for affiliate marketers and media buyers. It helps media buyers and affiliates track everything in one place. It also allows them to optimize ads for a higher ROI. It provides the flexibility to set rules and enjoy automation.

RedTrack Features and Capabilities

  • Channel report: Connects unlimited channels and BMs to RedTrack to see the full picture of their performance in one place. It offers a single dashboard for visits, conversions, costs and profits, ROI, EPC, and 30 more metrics.
  • Breakdown report: Helps build reports with complex funnels - page views, downloads, purchases, and 20+ other custom events and navigate through multi-level reports easily, detect and scale the winners and cut non-performing ad sets.
  • Optimization: Helps set rules, and their algorithms optimize your funnel or campaign based on the received data to allow you to take control over ad performance.
  • Single source data: Allows having all your marketing data from all channels in one place. Helping marketers make optimization and strategy decisions much easier.
  • Automation: Saves you from daily manual tasks so you can focus on strategy and growth.
  • Partnership portal: Helps in partnership management and is a single tool you need to manage and measure partner marketing campaigns.
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