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Teads Description

Teads is a global media platform that connects advertisers with the top publishers worldwide. It promotes guaranteed results, lowers tech friction, and increases scale. It provides cutting-edge outstream video advertising solutions that are integrated into top-notch editorial content and available on all platforms.

Teads formed itself as a pioneer in the sector of out-stream video advertising. It is in charge of developing technology that assists businesses in monetizing their operations through programmatic buying and other resources. Teads has developed various other connected services since the debut of its core product in order to grow and expand into the world's leading provider. It is a well-established firm with its headquarters in New York, New York. 

Teads falls within the relevant industry sectors. Its primary concentration is on advertising, but it is also regarded as a firm with roots in the video, Internet, and mobile industries. Teads provides advertising solutions to clients in a variety of industries, allowing them to optimize the potential for monetization of their activities.

Teads Features and Capabilities

Teads Payment Info

Teads pays on a NET 45-day basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $50. The payment options are Paypal and Wire Transfer.

Teads Publisher Eligibility

Publishers need to have a minimum of 1 million page views per month to sign up with Teads. 

Teads Ad Formats

Teads offers the following ad formats:

Video Ads: These are informative ads that are in the form of a video.

Display Ads: These are ads that combine text, images, and URLs.

InRead Ads: These are ads inserted into the heart of editorial content.

Teads Faq

Yes, Teads SDK is compatible with both CCPA and IAB GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework specifications.

Teads does not officially support React Native apps yet, although the basic features might work.


Both iOS and Android SDKs are inferior to 1Mb.