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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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TrafficStarts helps publishers reach optimum revenues while ensuring the best user experience on your site. It offers a variety of pre-set ad formats that are fully customizable for the best integration. It stays ahead of the better ad standards, and its flagging system allows them to control all ad verticals.

TrafficStars Features and Capabilities

TrafficStars is an advanced monetization platform that helps you maximize the value of your inventory:

  • Real-time statistics: Offers detailed, real-time statistics that provide you with insights on how to monetize your traffic more efficiently.
  • Compliant ads: Helps you have control over running Google-compliant ads via compliant ad formats
  • Expert support: Offers you your own personal account manager who will ensure you get the most out of the platform
  • 100% fill rate: Make sure that all your traffic is monetized worldwide.

TrafficStars Payment Info

Publishers can choose to get paid either monthly or weekly. These are the minimum payout thresholds:

  • Paxum / Cosmopay / Epayservice / Capitalist - from $100
  • Crypto payments - BTC from $500, USDT (TRC-20) from $10
  • European SEPA Transfer from $100
  • Wire  - from $1,000 or €1,000
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TrafficStars Ad Formats

TrafficStars offers you the top-performing ad formats:

  • Banner
  • Native
  • Video pre-roll
  • Video IM slider
  • Push 
  • Popunder
  • Full-page interstitial

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