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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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If you are interested in automating the process of automating privacy management, Truyo is your best bet. It also allows for cookie consent management, consent management, and data governance. It helps build trust with your audience when they know what cookies are used on your site and how. You also avoid heavy privacy fines and give your audience the option to opt out of being contacted by you. You can segment your audience based on whether you have implicit or explicit consent from them reading being contacted. All this together, shows you care about your audience. 

Truyo Products

  • Privacy Rights Management- Truyo prepares publishers for complex and ever-changing privacy laws by providing the best-in-class privacy rights management solution.
  • Consent & Preference Management- With this, publishers can manage the consent and data preferences of their audience.
  • Comprehensive Data Mapping- Truyo allows you to collect and gather all your data in one place.
  • Employment-Related Data Management- With Truyo, you can give your employees’ data the same respect you provide your audience,
  • Framework Assessments- Truyo provides publishers with a full suite of assessments to comply with federal certifications, privacy legislation, and more.
  • CMMC Tool- With this tool, you can manage all your certificate requirements.

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Truyo Features and Capabilities

Consumer & Admin Portal- This is an intuitive self-serve privacy experience
Identity Validation & Security- Truyo provides automated identity validation with bank-level security
Dashboard & Workflow Management- This feature easily tracks tasks and deadlines
Data Collection Engine- With Truyo, publishers can automatically search, extract, and present data to users
Data Change Engine- Now, you can automatically delete, change, or anonymize data across all systems.
Consent Management- With Truyo, you can manage user consent in the same portal
Reporting & Audit Trail- This feature automatically logs everything with detailed reporting
Employment Portal- Truyo provides you with separate workflows/portals for employment data requests to help you stay compliant with laws like CCPA.

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Truyo Key Facts

1. Built by the IntraEdge team in partnership with Intel®, Truyo aims to make data privacy rights compliance easy and accessible.

2. Truyo offers custom pricing options. 

Truyo Pricing

Truyo offers custom pricing based on the needs of your organization. You can get a quote from them by going to their pricing page. 

Truyo FAQ

Truyo helps publishers stay updated with privacy laws, automates the process of protecting privacy, helps manage user consent and data and allows for cookie consent management. This builds trust and helps avoid heavy fines.

Truyo offers custom pricing options based on the needs of your organization. You can get a quote by contacting them through their page on Truyo's pricing.

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