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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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A leading provider of intelligent, high-impact advertising solutions, Undertone provides incremental revenue opportunities and unique demand formats to publishers. Undertone is a proud member of the CBA, TAG, and IAB and is committed to continuing to adhere to compliance and guidelines as it evolves.

Undertone works with the best brands and publishers across all verticals and brings unparalleled service, quality creativity, and flexible integrations to achieve results. 

Their new proprietary analytics platform offers unparalleled access to daily trend analytics and digestible analytics. They understand yield optimization is most important and helps with it.

Undertone creates memorable ad experiences by thoughtfully orchestrating solutions across video, advanced TV, rich media, and social.

Undertone Features and Capabilities

  • They assign dedicated account managers who work with you throughout the partnership.
  • The supply operations team ensures seamless integration and offers technical support and helps with troubleshooting.
  • It supports three kinds of integration: Client-Side Header Bidding via Pre bid or Index Exchange, Service Side Header Bidding via Amazon’s TAM, and Direct-Tag via GAM.
  • Their proprietary analytics platform offers access to daily trend analysis and digestible analytics. 

Undertone Payment Info

Undertone operates on a net 30-day payment cycle. It has a minimum payout of USD 50 and offers three payment modes that are cheque, wire transfer, and PayPal.

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Undertone Key Facts

  • Undertone is a member of the CBA, Tag, and IAB and adheres to the compliance and guidelines. 
  • Supports three different means of integration- Client-side header bidding via pre-bid or index exchange, service-side header bidding via Amazon's TAM, and Direct-Tag via GAM or the ad server of your choosing.
  • They offer unparalleled access to daily trend analysis and digestible analytics. 

Undertone Publisher Eligibility

Publishers must have a minimum of 500,000 monthly traffic to signup with Undertone.

Undertone Ad Formats

Undertone offers the following ad formats:

  • Display: These offer custom, full-funnel high-impact experiences to reach all KPIs and objectives.
  • Video and CTV: These are in the form of instream, outstream, and advanced TV solutions across all screens. 
  • Social and Content: These are in the form of influencers, social monitoring, social high impact, and custom content.

Undertone FAQ

Undertone offers 24-hour support. All the publishers are assigned dedicated account managers.

Undertone works with the top brands and publishers across every vertical and brings unparalleled service, quality creative, and flexible integrations.

Undertone is a member of the CBA, TAG, and IAB and adheres to compliance and guidelines.

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