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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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A market leader in ad monetization, especially in Europe, Yieldlove empowers publishers to enhance their ad stack and increase revenue across display, AMP and in-app. Yieldlove brings yield optimization solutions to publishers by combining machine learning with ad serving. 

Yieldlove connects inventory to all demand sources and applies algorithms to sell impressions at the best possible prices and also assists publishers in creation of a private marketplace with SSPs in addition to consulting services.

Quick Facts
Multiple Formats
Privacy Compliant
IAB Member

Yieldlove Products

  • Superior tech: Offers cutting-edge technology that is consistently updated, improved and customized.
  • Superior demand: Offers instant access to all the leading demand partners at exclusive rates with access to the largest private marketplace in Europe.
  • Superior insights: Offers outstanding data transparency using the Business Intelligence tool that delivers actionable insights.

Yieldlove Features and Capabilities

  • Simple integration: Offers simple integration without using any of your resources and time irrespective of whether it is a single line of Java Script on Web, RTC on AMP or SDK for in-app.
  • Legal guidance: Being an IAB authorized vendor, Yieldlove ensures compliances and brings a state of the art CMP solution.
  • Modular service: Offers various service modules that you can choose from or you can get a custom solution built for your needs.
  • Free trial: Offers a free trial that can be integrated with minimal resource usage.

Yieldlove Payment Info

Yieldlove makes payments in 40 days. It is assumed that the payment would be made in net-40 day basis, as it is pretty ambiguous.

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Yieldlove Key Facts

  • An award winning European market leader for ad monetization, Yieldlove has cutting edge solutions that empower more than 700 publishers globally.
  • Since 2017, Yieldlove is a part of Ströer Group, Europe’s largest premium ad sales house and publisher.
  • Specilaizes in Yield Optimization, Demand Aggregation, Programmatic Premium, RTB, Superior eCPM, 100% Fill on all GEOs, High Quality Campaigns, Reliable Blacklisting, and Personal 24/7 Support.

Yieldlove Geos Served

Yieldlove is an ad monetization service that operates in Europe.

Yieldlove Publisher Eligibility

Yieldlove has no specific monthly pageview requirements that have been mentioned publicly. However, they do require publishers to maintain ad exclusivity.

Yieldlove Revenue Share

Publishers can expect a flat or tiered revenue share of 70-85% depending on their traffic volumes and services offered. Most ad monetization services usually take a cut in the range of 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. However, the publishers can still see a minimum of 30%+ guaranteed revenue uplift, and if the same is not attained; a negotiation should be initiated. 

Yieldlove Ad Formats

  • Anchor ads: Helps uncover additional revenue with ads that are anchored to viewport and stay visible.
  • Dynamic sitebar ads: Shows portrait ads with dynamic resizing and is displayed on the right side of the page
  • Fireplace ads: Combination of horizontal and vertical ads that are placed in order to enclose the top of a web page.
  • Maxi ads: Offers spaces for ad messages and is suited for both static and animated content.
  • Interscroller ads: Innovative ads that are integrated with the editorial content.

Yieldlove FAQ

Yieldlove is excellent for long-term usage as they have actively prepared for the post-cookie era and have incorporated various User ID modules.

No. There are no lock-in contracts.

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