5 Best OTT Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Last Updated: March 16, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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To understand the concept of programmatic OTT, it is necessary to break it down into two parts. Programmatic advertising is the practice of selling ad inventory in real-time using automated bidding. Using this, an ad’s suitability for a slot is based on factors like demographics, behavior, and cookie data. OTT advertising is delivering ad content to the audience directly via streaming services or through devices. These kinds of ads go beyond the TV providers that have traditionally controlled the advertising scene. 

So, essentially Programmatic OTT is the real-time, automated buying and selling of ad spaces within streaming services or specific devices.  As media consumption grows year by year, OTT’s view time is the lion’s share among TV, mobiles, tablets, and PC-web. This post will discuss the best OTT programmatic advertising platforms that you can rely on and take your advertisements beyond just TV.


Benefits of OTT Programmatic Advertising Platforms

  • OTT advertising has become a prevalent trend because of its numerous benefits to all members of the advertising ecosystem. It is not restricted to the strict pre-planned schedules and boundaries of traditional TV. The viewers would rather be exposed to unlimited content and have a flexible way of watching across devices. Advertisers and marketers are drawn to the varying benefits that OTT programmatic advertising offers-
  • OTT programmatic has granular targeting capabilities that use the audience’s detailed data and help marketers create relevant and personalized ads to get customers to move through the marketing funnel and buy the products.
  • It enables marketers to realize cross-channel advertising because they know the history of purchases and can make marketing campaigns more effective.
  • OTT programmatic advertising helps easily track ad views, downloads, and sales. With the advanced data that follows the performance of the campaign, it is easy to build the next one according to insights.

How to Choose the Best OTT Programmatic Advertising Platform?

There are many options available on the internet for OTT programmatic advertising platforms, making it challenging to select one that might be the best OTT programmatic advertising platform. All platforms have capabilities that might or might not be compatible with your business model, and what works for one would not most definitely work for everyone. That said, it is vital to not just rely on what the reviews say and experiment with platforms for yourself. It is necessary to conduct tests and analyze their results to choose your business’s best OTT programmatic advertising platform. The sworn method for selection is research and testing. 

Best OTT Programmatic Advertising Platforms: 2021 Edition

1. Vimmi

Vimmi OTT advertising platform helps operators and content providers target new audiences, onboard new users on an AVOD content package, and convert ad-supported content package viewers into paying subscribers. It offers top-notch targeting capabilities and full viewability for ads. It gives a TV-like commercial experience to users. Their advanced analytics platforms aggregate users’ behavioral data and operators’ proprietary data, allowing brands to increase their campaigns’ efficiency by targeting the most relevant audience.


  • Online Video Platform
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Analytics & Marketing

2. Strategus


Strategus delivers audience-targeted ads on Internet-connected devices instantly. Their team has pioneered programmatic placement of over-the-top advertising and revolutionized ad tech strategy for advertisers who want data-driven optimization and real-time campaign management. They deliver content to the target audience when they’re most likely to act. Their real-time analytics allow them to pivot and perform, placing the messages in front of engaged viewers with every single ad dollar spent.


  • Curated Premium Inventory
  • Hyper targeting at scale 

3. Verizon Digital Media


Verizon’s robust cross-screen data fueled by direct consumer relationships enables advertisers to understand and reach their audiences across multiple dimensions on every device. They ensure smarter performance with their machine learning algorithms. They leverage direct connections for nearly 900M monthly consumers across search, mail, content, commerce, and more to give you a complete picture of your audience.


  • Wavelength Solutions.
  • Voice.
  • Security.
  • Professional Services.
  • Software Defined Interconnect and more. 

4. ViewLift

With ViewLift, you can boost your sports video OTT platform and create a new way of watching sport, anywhere, anytime, and with any devices. Their capability to scale and deliver a custom project is endless. They capture the critical data and integrate them into your marketing funnel. They create an easy-to-use and friendly user experience to retain all types of customers. Their easy onboarding process and the capability to process video instantaneously make the UX unique.


  • Video CMS.
  • App CMS.
  • Distribution.
  • Monetization.
  • User Management.
  • Data & Analytics.

5. Setplex


Setplex offers a state-of-the-art OTT or IPTV solution that is future-proof and delivers a superior user experience across all major platforms. With Nora Middleware, their highly intuitive administration interface designed to be straightforward and easy to use, you can control all aspects of your platform from the dashboard. They are constantly updating their UI to optimize the user experience. Their real-time analytics gives detailed insights into your content investment by understanding your customers' viewing habits. 


  • End to End IPTV solutions
  • IPTV Middleware
  • User Interface/Experience
  • Interactive Features

It has become necessary to advertise across OTT platforms because viewers are no longer tied to cable and have switched to streaming services. Plus, given the pandemic and users having to stay at home, the streamed content has accelerated. With the shift in audiences, the brand needs to follow the audience and make a shift. In the media mix, OTT has become essential and has been on the rise. Programmatic OTT advertising transactions rose 40% from April 5th through May 16th, 2020, as the brand capitalized on the audience that was stuck at home. Your brand needs one of the best OTT programmatic advertising platforms that have been listed above.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some things to look for in an OTT advertising platform are: 1. Targeting options 2. Ad Analytics 3. Yield optimization tools 4. Video platform features

Two platforms to consider if not the ones mentioned above, are: Google AdX and Brid.TV Marketplace.

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