6 Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria

Last Updated: April 21, 2024
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One of the most widely known platforms to monetize websites and blogs via ads is Google AdSense. However, there are a lot of AdSense alternatives in Nigeria that can bring better results for publishers in Nigeria. A lot of publishers struggle with approval from AdSense and with seeking payouts and as a result, look for AdSense alternatives. Here is a list if the best AdSense alternatives for publishers in Nigeria that can help you monetize your websites equally well. 

  • 6 Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria
    • Why Do Bloggers in Nigeria Need AdSense Alternatives?
    • 6 Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria
    • 1. Ezoic
    • 2. iZooto
    • 3. Snigel
    • 4. Adnimation
    • 5. AdPushup
    • 6. Exoclick
    • 7. How to Choose the Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria?
    • 8. The Bottomline

Why Do Bloggers in Nigeria Need AdSense Alternatives?

Diversifying revenue streams with AdSense alternatives offers several advantages to bloggers in Nigeria:

  • Regional Relevance: Alternatives may provide ads more tailored to the Nigerian audience, increasing engagement and click-through rates.
  • Monetization Diversity: Relying solely on AdSense may limit monetization opportunities. Exploring alternatives allows bloggers to tap into various platforms and ad formats.
  • Competitive Earnings: AdSense alternatives often come with competitive payout rates, ensuring that bloggers maximize their earnings potential.
  • Flexibility in Ad Formats: Different ad networks offer diverse ad formats, giving bloggers the flexibility to choose formats that seamlessly integrate into their content.

6 Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria

Here are some of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers in Nigeria. Take a look at them:-

1. Ezoic

One of the best AdSense alternatives in Nigeria, Ezoic helps publishers earn revenue from their websites and optimize UX. This Google Certified Publishing Partner is ideal for informational, content-rich websites and helps you increase revenue intelligently and balance UX. With automated sophisticated decision making and real machine learning, publishers can truly maximize revenue.

Key Information:

  • Ezoic was founded in 2010 as a technology solution for digital publishers looking to earn more revenue through their website(s) and optimize UX.
  • Ezoic provides access to top-performing ad partners, connects existing ad networks, automates ad testing, and unlocks more premium monetization solutions as publishers grow.
  • Ezoic's sophisticated AI removes all the guesswork through in-depth analytics, offering every visitor a better experience while increasing revenues automatically.
  • Deliver sites instantly with a super-fast cloud built for publishers.

2. iZooto

A solution that uses push notifications to help publishers engage their audience, iZooto is a good bet for publishers in Nigeria. iZooto encourages recurring visitors and increases revenue from current ads by connecting their users with targeted and automated ads. 

Key Information:

  • With iZooto's web push notifications, you can create powerful notifications and customize them with ease. In addition to web push, iZooto offers app and messenger push, news hub, onsite interactions. 
  • Using iZooto, publishers can grow their revenue with push notification monetization and increase their opt-in rates by 12-15%. 
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days via wire and Paypal upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100 for publishers all over the world.
  • Publishers need to have a minimum of 5000 subscribers or 300,000 monthly visitors to be enabled to the monetization plan. 

3. Snigel

Snigel is a Google MCM Partner and Google AdX Partner with access to premium ad campaigns. Publishers can increase ad earnings using their revenue estimator and anti-adblock tools. It partners with 30 of the largest SSPs and exchanges in the world and helps maximize the value of publisher's ad inventory. 

Key Information:

  • Snigel handles the unique aspects of ad monetization to help a diversified and hardworking group of publishers focus on content creation.
  • They adapt their services to your needs, whether it is using the video content you already have or syndicating stuff that's related. 
  • Their team builds a unique monetization strategy based on your needs, with everything from header bidding to native video, Smart Refresh, and Adaptive Ads, to make the most of every impression you get.
  • They offer real-time ad performance data in a centralized dashboard to help you assess performance metrics and optimize your ad inventory.

4. Adnimation

A Google Certified Publishing Partner, Animation is one of the best AdSense alternatives in Nigeria that is focused on helping creators grow their business. As a publisher, you get personalized and comprehensive monetization solutions like hybrid header bidding, video ads, native ads and more. Animation gives publishers a better understanding of their earnings too. 

Key Information:

  • Adnimation believes that creators should stay because they want to, not because they have to.
  • Creators can see their gross revenue so they know exactly how much they are earning.
  • Once accepted to Adnimation, creators receive the best solutions, regardless of size.
  • Adnimation offers all the necessary tools and features required for effective monetization.

5. AdPushup

An IAB member along with a Google Certified Publishing Partner, AdPushup is a known Google AdSense alternative for publishers in Nigeria. Providing the freshest of ad technology optimization strategies like lazy loading and auto-refresh advertising, AdPush is packed with features like A/B testing, header bidding, ad mediation and more that helps them assist publishers better. 

Key Information:

  • AdPushup allows you to modify your ad layouts effortlessly with just a few clicks. You can place your new ad units wherever you prefer, providing flexibility and control over your advertising strategy.
  • Their ad formats include in-view ads, in-image ads, sticky ads, and docked ads.
  • AdPushup prioritizes high viewability for all their ad formats, a strategy proven to improve click-through rates (CTR) and inventory value.
  • The payments get released in NET 45 days via wire and Paypal upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $50.

6. ExoClick

A leading AdSense alternative, ExoClick is ideal for publishers in Nigeria. It works as both an ad network and an ad exchange and helps publishers monetize their traffic with other ad networks too. Publishers get an array of unique ad formats with behavioral retargeting, access to statistics and analytics tools to help them increase ROI. 

Key Information: 

  • With the help of the platform API, developers can build custom software extensions for the platform's programmatic operations.
  • ExoClick's real-time statistics take the guesswork out of your campaigns to optimize revenue with data-driven insights.
  • They provide a wide variety of web and mobile formats to monetize your inventory.
  • ExoClick reverts to queries seven days a week. Additionally, all ExoClick users have access to a comprehensive FAQ section with definitions and recommendations.

How to Choose the Best AdSense Alternatives in Nigeria?

Selecting the right AdSense alternatives is crucial for bloggers aiming to optimize revenue while ensuring a positive user experience. Consider the following factors:

  • Regional Relevance: Choose alternatives that have a strong presence in the Nigerian market, ensuring ads resonate with the local audience.
  • Ad Format Variety: Opt for platforms that offer a variety of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and video ads, allowing you to experiment with formats that suit your content.
  • Payment Terms and Rates: Consider the payment terms and rates offered by each alternative. Look for competitive rates and transparent payment processes.
  • User Experience Impact: Prioritize alternatives that focus on maintaining a positive user experience. Ads should complement your content without being intrusive.

The Bottomline

Selection of an AdSense alternative is a strategic move for publishers who are looking to increase their ad revenue and better user experience. Not only are publishers looking for higher payouts but also to maintain ad quality and site performance. The above mentioned AdSense alternatives in Nigeria offers tailored solutions, detailed analytics and a user-friendly platform for publishers looking to optimize their monetization strategy. .


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There are various AdSense alternatives that offer high payouts but you have to make sure it is well-suited for you.

AdSense is good for websites with focused content and good traffic and examples of these are blogs and forums.

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