7+ Best In-App Subscription Software for Recurring Payments

Last Updated: March 15, 2023
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Are you struggling to balance the workload of making and sending invoices to recurring customers? Time that could be used promoting your business or building it further is now being spent on collecting payments. The digital world has a solution for this- in-app subscription management systems. With these, you can reduce the time and effort spent in managing subscriptions while still getting new customers to sign up for trial periods or offer new memberships to recurring clients. 

  • In-App Subscription Software for Recurring Payments
    • 1. Recurly
    • 2. Adapty.io
    • 3. RevenueCat
    • 4. Zoho Subscriptions
    • 5. Apphud
    • 6. Purchasely
    • 7. Glassfy.io

Choosing the Right Subscription Software for In-App Payments

While a subscription management system can do a lot for you, it is imperative that you choose the right software for your in-app payments. Several in-app subscription software are available in the market, each with its own pros and cons. Given below are some things that can help you decide what kind of subscription management system is right for your business-

  • Easy Integration with Your Existing Technology: A good in-app payment software will work not only easily with your existing payment systems but also with the rest of your tech stack. If the software requires too many changes to your existing tech stack, it is not the right software for you. 
  • The Correct Payment Gateway: This is dependent on your customer profile. You need to ensure your customers can pay in a currency that is accessible to them. There are subscription platforms for mobile apps, ranging from subscription platforms for android to subscription platforms for iOS.
  • Gives Insightful Reports That You Can Understand: Reports and metrics help you understand your business needs. A good in-app subscription management system will help you in this regard too. It is important that your chosen software helps make it easier for you to run your business. Ideally, it should save you time, give you results, and, above all, keep your customers happy. All this can be done by implementing the right software correctly. 

How do you Implement In-App Subscriptions?

Integrating in-app subscription management systems is not a herculean task. However, it can be difficult if you do not know the steps.  Given below are the steps required to do the same-

  • You begin by creating your offer. This offer should describe your content, price, and rules. 
  • Next, you have to restrict your exclusive app offerings. 
  • Preview the offerings you have created. 
  • Lastly, you have to submit and publish your app containing your in-app subscriptions on the store.

There are also several digital tools that you can use to integrate your in-app subscription system. Before you implement your system, do ensure that the system is one best suited to your needs. The next section of the article gives details about some of the best in-app subscription software for recurring payments.

7+ Best In-App Subscription Software for Recurring Payments

Here is our hand-picked list of the best in-app subscription software for recurring payments. Do check these out!

1. Recurly


Said to be apt for all types of businesses, from small businesses to global enterprises, Recurly is on top of our list of in-app subscription software for recurring payments. You can do much with this in-app subscription system, such as gaining important customer insights, getting expected revenue, and automating your subscription billing. Its ROE powered by machine learning can increase your monthly revenue by up to 12%. However, there is a step learning curve that you might have to watch out for.


  • Recurly offers cancellation management.
  • This tool has a self-service portal 
  • Recurly also offers revenue recovery tools. 
  • From recurring invoices multi-period recurring billing, and deferred billing, Recurly takes care of all your invoicing and billing needs.

Pricing: For the first month, the in-app subscription is free. First $40k/mo. in revenue included for 12 months for new self-service customers. There are also custom packages available.

2. Adapty.io


Adapty.io offers an in-app paywall solution that can increase your subscription rate mainly because it comes with features like A/B testing and a plethora of robust integrations. The tool lets you A/B test for the prices and offers. It provides real-time subscription metrics for both iOS and Android, which can be filtered, grouped, and compared with previous periods in a few clicks. It lets you set up a paywall subscription in a few minutes and double your monthly ARR. 


  • A/B Testing for Subscription Pricing:

Pricing: For the first month, this in-app subscription system is free. There are also paid pro packages available which start at $99 per month.

3. RevenueCat


Loved by companies such as Notion, Buffer, and VSCO, RevenueCat offers in-app subscription management without the need for a lot of code. It is also said to be compatible with almost all the popular apps in the world. Given below are the features of this in-app subscription management system. 


  • You can use RevenueCat to implement in-app purchases
  • RevenueCat  can be used to manage customers

Pricing: It is free up to $1,000 in monthly tracked revenue after which paid options are available. These options start at $8 a month.

4. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions offers to handle your entire customer billing cycle, from managing subscriptions to creating GST-compliant invoices. It is uniquely suited to the needs of the Indian business person with its numerous features and compliance with Indian finance systems. It also has dedicated editions for S, UK, Canada, Australia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and a Global edition. This ensures you stay tax compliant. The features of this in-app subscription system are given below.


  • You can automate your invoicing with Zoho Subscriptions.
  • You have several templates to choose from when sending invoices. This allows you to tailor your invoices to the needs of your customers. 
  • Zoho Subscriptions handles prorated billing. This means you do not need to keep track of when a customer changes their subscription package. 
  • Customized billing cycles are available to your customers with Zoho Subscriptions. 

Pricing:  Zoho Subscription offers multiple pricing options. For a single user with at most 20 subscriptions they have a free package. Their paid package starts at $49. The standard and most popular package is priced at $99

5. Apphud


Apphud is a mobile analytics tool that can be used to build, measure and improve iOS and Android auto-renewable subscriptions. They cover end-to-end services that are required in a subscription platform for iOS and Android mobile systems. The app also claims to reduce the time it is needed to integrate its in-app subscription system, thus giving you more time to focus on your product.


  • Apphud claims to provide the highest accuracy on app revenue tracking. 
  • Apphud automatically sends push notifications with discounts to win back lapsed customers. It also asks for user feedback and reminds customers to update payment info in case of a billing issue. All these help you retain customers.

Pricing: Apphud has a free model which includes up to 10,000 MTR. After that, there is a paid model available that starts at $49 per month.

6. Purchasely


With Purchasely, you can fully control your in-app subscriptions, including customization of subscription flows. Here are more details about their in-app subscription software.


  • You get real-time subscription analytics with this software.
  • Anonymous user management is another service you get.
  • You can track your subscription funnel. 

Pricing: Purchasely offers a free subscription for users who have up to 1,000 subscribers. For those with more subscribers, they have paid custom options.

7. Glassfy.io


Glassfy offers multiple-store support for those businesses whose subscription models are spread across stores. Their in-app subscription software also claims to help reduce the time taken to monetize your subscriptions. 


  • This subscription system has rule-based triggers and a customizable paywall to create real-time monetization events. 
  • Glassfy.io  provides advanced analytics and also stores user data forever. 

Pricing:  It is free for those whose monthly revenue is up to $10,000. Beyond that, it has two packages; you have to pay $5 per 1000 dollars of monthly revenue in the Build package and $8 per 1000 dollars of monthly revenue in the Grow package.

8. Namiml


This no-code paywall solution is designed to help businesses optimize their in-app subscription revenues and purchases without needing any coding expertise. Their area of expertise seems to be mobile apps.


  • With this in-app subscription management system, you can give a personalized experience to your customers.
  • You can offer subscriptions across mobile and web. You can connect devices with one service using Nami ML. 
  • You will get insights that will help you increase your app revenue.

Pricing: You can begin with a free plan. There are also two paid plans of $149 and $999 monthly.

Time is money to a business owner. The more time you can spend marketing and perfecting your product and building relationships with your customers, the better your company will perform. An in-app subscription software, especially for recurring payments, allows you to spend more time on building a loyal customer base and perfecting your product as opposed to spending hours making invoices and ensuring your payments are not lost. It is time to digitize to ensure you can scale your business. With the above-mentioned in-app subscription management systems, you can create invoices, get customer analytics, and manage your subscriptions in an accurate and hassle-free manner. 



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You can use an in-app subscription management system such as Recurly or Glassfy.io to manage your recurring subscriptions. 

Several apps manage your subscriptions for you. This article covers the details of the 7 best in-app subscription management systems, such as Recurly, Zoho Subscriptions, RevenueCat, and more.

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