7 Best OneSignal Alternatives for Publishers

Push notifications are one of the most common methods that publishers can use to communicate your users. It has become an important way for businesses to impact the user experience. It boosts user engagement, increases traffic and improve customer retention.

OneSignal gives you the tools and guidance you need to delight your audience and outpace your competition. OneSignal empowers teams across your company to seamlessly drive revenue and retention. The agile omnichannel solution helps realises ROI quickly. Their intuitive Journeys builder helps save time and generate consistent growth by building, optimising, and automating lifecycle messaging and promotions.
Why Should You Choose OneSignal Alternatives?

  • Issues with set up: If you are a newbie, you might come across issues with setting up OneSignal because it is slightly more complicated. You will need technical knowledge to set up your system.
  • Lesser design choices: OneSignal offers fewer design choices in comparison to other networks.
  • Less interactive dashboard: Their dashboard is less interactive in comparison to the alternatives available in the market. The dashboard is not centralised and the messages get unorganised.
  • Lesser customizable notifications: It is difficult to customise your notifications with OneSignal.
  • Management options: OneSignal gives you limited access and control over your notification system.

Although OneSignal is an excellent push notification network, it has its share of cons that you need to consider before you make a choice.

An excellent OneSignal alternative, iZooto is an owned audience marketing solution that leverages push notifications as a channel to help publishers build, own, and engage their audience. iZooto enables publishers to take charge of their audience and reduce their dependence on Google and Facebook. Publishers engage their audience with personalized and automated notifications to build repeat traffic and earn more from their current display ads. Publishers can also push ads to their audience using notifications and generate incremental revenue.

Highly recommended OneSignal alternative, Notix is an audience re-engagement service based on web and in-app push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices. Notix provides push notifications to increase your website page views. It helps increase your traffic using push notifications that help you re-engage your users by sending relevant website content to them. With Notix, you get every tool to make your website more effective and the audience more responsive. They help boost pageviews and increase traffic. It sends your content to users to re-engage the audience. It monetizes your subscribers using brand-safe advertising.

The fact that Feedify is a full-service solution sets it apart from the other significant web push notification systems available today. Feedify has all the capabilities businesses and organizations want in a single, condensed package, unlike other services and software that charge for additional tools and components. Users can connect with their clients with Feedify, expand their clientele, and increase sales and growth. Feedify is the game-changer when it comes to pushing notifications and monetization. More than 4,000 businesses utilize it to run their push notification systems.

RollerAds is an ad network that specializes in push notification advertisements in order to provide advertisers with the best affiliate marketing methods and direct publishers with high website revenue. It is a recently launched advertising network that focuses on push notifications, a high-performance ad style.

Another excellent push ad network, AdMaven is a leading direct traffic ad network, selling +5 Billion daily impressions across multiple formats and monetizing over 10k publishers. This OneSignal alternative, gets your high user engagement and optimizes your ROI?

A leader in push notification ads and a solid OneSignal alternative, Propeller Ads helps you get exceptional reach and high conversion rate with their exclusive internet and demographic targeting. Along with push notification services, Propellerads also offers display, native, video, and smartphone ads. PropellerAds claims to offer the highest CPM rates in the industry with eight years of experience and having worked with over 150K publishers.